God Friended Me episode 15 review: Did Miles ask Cara out?

God Friended Me

Tonight, God Friended Me episode 15 brought you a love story … or at least sort of a love story. It was a complicated, emotionally-raw episode that found a young woman named Vivian wrestling with her emotions. She was the latest Friend Suggestion, and the moment Cara saw it, she remembered who she was.

Ten months before the events of the present, Vivian was getting cold feet right before her wedding to Aiden. At that point, she left her rehearsal dinner only to fall into a coma less than 24 hours later. At some point in between that time, she had an experience she couldn’t remember upon waking up and one that could determine her entire future. A big part of this episode for her was a struggle to get some of that back, if it was at all possible.

The bulk of this episode consisted of Miles and Cara working with her in order to get some sort of answers as to her past, messy as it may be. Vivian was hesitant to even search at all, knowing that she had a man in Aiden who waited for almost a year in order to be with her. She remembered a little bit more than she first let on and throughout the episode tonight, those memories started to accumulate. She had met a man named Noah and had some sort of fascinating experience with him. It’s one that included his name and phone number, which she found at a speakeasy.

Obviously, this is where things get messy. Did Vivian fall in love with someone else right before slipping into a coma? For a while, it did seem that way. That’s where Miles and Cara struggled. Yet, it turned out that meeting Noah, spending time with him, and then having a photo that was taken right outside was an important place for their relationship.

Instead of this story being about whether Vivian loved someone other than Aiden, it was about how she determined that he was The One. On the other side of that, we also then saw Miles come to a conclusion all his own: He wanted to ask Cara out. He did just that, and in the closing minutes, the two went out to dinner together! The ship is full sail!

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Is Rakesh leaving?

Far from it. Simon Hayes offered him an opportunity like no other — an incredible job to be his top coder. The problem was that it was in Palo Alto, far from home, and right when his girlfriend Jaya ended up moving to New York. He wants to be working with Simon, but he doesn’t want to do so by uprooting his entire life — including the God Account and his relationship. He told Simon that he wanted to work with Hayes, but in New York rather than California. Eventually, Simon agreed … but he still isn’t saying what the project is. Is it involving the God Account in some way? That’s the easy assumption, and that maybe Miles is just a guinea pig in a much larger plan.

For the record, we do think that there’s some misdirect — given that God Friended Me has a second season, we’re not of the belief that every story will be resolved right now.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that the end of the episode is what people are going to be talking about for a while — mostly because it sets the stage for what’s coming up the rest of the season. Miles asked out Cara, she said yes, and now we have to see precisely where things go from here. This was a romantic episode, and also a sweet one despite all of the confusing moments along the way.

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