Shadowhunters season 3 episode 12 video: Simon and Izzy’s search

IzzyIf you’ve been craving some Simon and Izzy content then Shadowhunters season 3, episode 12 on Monday night seems to be a gateway to some great stuff! Over the course of this hour, you’ll have a chance to see the two work together with a common goal in mind: Trying to find the ancient vampire lurking underneath New York City.

As we explain in our premiere reaction video (check that out at the bottom of this article, and subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more Shadowhunters videos and view our show playlist), Simon is now on the hunt for one of the oldest vampires in the world. What’s the motivation? It’s all about taking care of the Mark of Cain, the man’s albatross that is causing him so much pain and guilt. He has no real way to understand it and he’s drowning in a sea of uncertainty. To keep this metaphor going, he sees this vampire as a life vessel … if they are even there that is. It seems as though they existed based on Raphael’s information, but there’s something very different about seeing the creature with your own two eyes.

The main focus of this sneak peek (which you can check out below) is seeing Izzy and Simon work together in hopes of finding this vampire and making sure they acquire what they seek … but they don’t get so far here as to actually see them. Instead, what you get is some entertaining banter alongside the news that Izzy is “repulsed” by sewer rats. Apparently, she prefers this particular word to being scared (personally we have an affection for rats). What we’re always going to like about the two of them together is how their personalities are so different and yet, they have this interesting common ground. They’re both fiercely loyal and want nothing more than the protection and safety of those they care about. Izzy is just the fearless warrior and Simon’s a little more detached from the Institute at times. They bring out some of the best in each other and there are probably going to be some fun adventures the two of them have in the weeks ahead. Also, they’ve both been through a lot here — it benefits the two of them to have another shoulder to lean on.

As for what else is happening within this episode … are you ready for more Clary chaos? As we explained in another sneak-preview piece over at the link here, Jonathan is going to bring her to Paris and while there, continue on one of his signature monologues talking about how mistreated he is and how terrible his life has been. There’s a part of us that does absolutely get his point of view … but it doesn’t change the fact that the guy is not fighting for the good guys, or that Jace, Clary, and just about everyone else should do what they can to stop him before he does anything drastic.

What are you the most excited to see on Shadowhunters season 3 episode 12?

Are you ready to see the Sizzy train leave the station? Share now in the attached comments. Be sure to also come back on Monday night after the episode concludes, as we’re going to have another episode review, plus a preview for what is coming up next. (Photo: Freeform.)


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