Saturday Night Live cold open: Bill Hader’s Jim Jordan & Michael Cohen

What was this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open all about? Of course, there were a lot of possible ways in which the show could’ve gone based on the past few days. Michael Cohen’s been in the headlines, Donald Trump paid a visit to Kim Jong Un, and that’s without really talking about the upcoming Presidential race.

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Entering the cold open, the only thing we felt confident about was that the show was probably not going to do anything about Kim Jong Un. Why in the world would they want to run the risk of angering North Korea? Not really worth the trouble. Cohen, meanwhile, was a safer bet … provided they could get Ben Stiller back for the part.

As it turns out, SNL could get Ben Stiller back to the show, and the end result were just about as funny as you would expect. We do think that Stiller’s take on Cohen was funny, but also ridiculous and a little over-the-top. (Who thought that there would be song lyrics to “Torn” in the middle of the speech, coupled with a reference to Khloe Kardashian?) This was weird … but also still really funny.

Where things got surprising

Well, who would’ve expected to see Bill Hader back on the show? As it turns out, the former cast member was back at Jim Jordan, one of the more outspoken people during the Cohen hearing this past week. (When we say Hader and knew that John Mulaney was hosting, all we could think about was getting a chance to see Stefon later in the show — Hader and Mulaney used to work on those sketches together.)

The humor that came following Hader’s appearance was that many of the Democratic members of Congress chose to give their time back to Jim Jordan, that way he could continue to “dig their own grave.”

Was all of this funny?

Ultimately, we do think that there was a lot of humor in here, but the problem with spoofing extreme real-life events is that the real-life events are often so shocking that it’s hard to top them. We do think that Stiller does a great impression of Cohen, and that was probably better than Hader as Jordan … but without a doubt, Hader was the surprise of the night and probably the thing that most people are going to be remembering for some time down the road.

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