Into the Badlands season 3 teaser: Darkness all around

Into the Badlands season 3 episode 9 return date

Later this month, it is finally here — Into the Badlands season 3 is returning to AMC. It’s been a long time coming but, by the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to see a couple of episodes that kick off the final run of the show. The journey begins (again) on March 24, and it will air again the following day in its normal timeslot on Monday nights.

Why the long wait? That is something that we will never quite understand, given that Into the Badlands remains in our eyes one of the most-underrated series of the modern era. Just think of some of what it brought to the table — an intense, wonderful visual spectacle that was chock full of surprises. It featured an outstanding cast, some amazing fight scenes that you don’t see anywhere else on television, and a story that was all about survival and understand better who you are, at times while also facing great chaos.

We do recognize that we probably shouldn’t be speaking about the show entirely in past tense just yet, but the recent cancellation news does have us in a little bit of a mood.

So where will things pick up when the series returns story-wise? Think in terms of Sunny reeling to a certain extent from what happened on the other side of the first half of the season. He made an emotional decision to do what he could in order to save his son Henry, but in doing this, he ended up giving Pilgrim more power than he’s ever had before. This sets the stage for the battle that could define the remainder of the series, one where the Badlands are on the brink of large-scale war and only a select few can turn the tide. Sunny will have to be one of them, but there are other heroes — with the Widow being among them.

Into the Badlands was a labor of love for everyone who got a chance to be a part of it, and we can only cross our fingers now and hope for the best that there is a fitting conclusion to the end of the story. One thing that is somewhat-exhilarating about where we are now is that there is a somewhat-mysterious nature to what could be coming up next; there really is not just a plethora of information out there. An element of mystery still exists about the end of these battles and who could have a satisfying conclusion to this story. If you enjoy original, satisfying television, Into the Badlands is the show for you — though you’re probably going to want to go back to the beginning to watch it. Otherwise, there’s going to be no way of knowing precisely what is coming up.

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