The Bachelor spoilers: Why could Colton Underwood jump the fence?

Colton Underwood
Coming up on The Bachelor Monday night, you’re going to see the moment so many people are eagerly awaiting — and yes, it involves Colton Underwood and a fence. It’s an incredibly-athletic maneuver (hey, he is an athlete), but the larger question beyond that is simply why it is happening.

After all, it’s not like someone sees a big fence like this and is like “you know what? I want to climb over this now.” there is a larger meaning for this and within this article, we’ve conjured up some theories.

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1. Colton freaks out over his virginity – Maybe he goes to a fantasy suite expecting something to happen and the pressure of this moment on reality TV freaks him out and he bails. Or, maybe he feels pressured to sleep with someone … or maybe it just goes really bad and he needs to bail on the situation.

2. Typical Bachelor indecision – We’ve seen this so many times before on this show where the lead really doesn’t know what to do and freaks out because of that. We don’t know why Colton would feel that way right now, though, mostly because it seems like Tayshia Adams is the consensus pick to land in third place. If we’re judging Bachelor contenders on who Colton seems the most eager to make out with (yes, this is superficial and dumb, but it’s a pretty good judge), Cassie Randolph and Hanna Godwin seem to be the top two contenders.

3. Cassie continues to be indecision as to her status on the show – This is something that’s been brewing and stewing for a little while now. You can say that Cassie is the show’s model of She’s Just Not That Into You and if nothing else, she’s proving that sometimes, being hard to get pays off on this show. We don’t think she’s intentionally being strategic, but clearly Colton is into the idea of the chance. She’s already been tentative with him regarding her feelings and he didn’t get rid of — with that in mind, you gotta think that she’s the top candidate to pull a Brooks and bail before the end of the show. This could cause Colton to panic, and jump said fence to get away from everything.

What happened after the fence jump

We know that nobody could find Colton at one point during production and this may be the time in which that happens. We feel (kind of) for production … but somewhere underneath this, they probably loved the fact that the dude was MIA for a little while. Think about the story!

You can take a small look at what’s coming Monday courtesy of the preview below (via E! News).

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What’s your theory for why Colton is going to be jumping the fence? Share now in the comments now! (Photo: ABC.)


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