The Good Doctor season 2: Should Shaun get old job back this season?

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4Monday night’s The Good Doctor season 2 episode could prove pivotal to the future of one Dr. Shaun Murphy. As you probably know already, Freddie Highmore’s character is in a tight spot — Dr. Jackson Has moved him over to pathology, which, in theory, is a job that he’s rather suited for. He can find and diagnose an ailment better than almost anyone out there!

Yet, there is an important piece of the puzzle that must be remembered here — just because you are good at a job doesn’t mean you are right for it. For Shaun, there is clearly something missing here. He wants to be in the trenches, working to save lives on the ground level. He wants to be communicating with his patients, even if he does possess social limitations that do hinder him in his efforts. This is the person he is, and this is what he’s worked for.

However, we know entering Monday’s episode that Shaun’s going to get a glimmer of hope in regards to his old job — though it is coming in the most perilous of ways. What happens when a patient arrives who could cater to Shaun’s specific level of expertise? This situation is set up in the promo over here and through this upcoming episode, we’ll see whether Dr. Melendez and the rest of the team convince Dr. Han to give Shaun this chance — and to give the patient their best chance.

On the other side of this, you do have to wonder whether or not Shaun will get his old job back before the end of the season.

What’s the case for it?

The simplest thing to say here is that Shaun deserves it, but what does anyone really deserve within the medical profession? This is not a field where people often get what they deserve, as many wonderful patients die whereas difficult ones survive.

With Shaun, it all comes back to skill and he has to prove to Dr. Han that his strengths outweigh any sort of perceived weakness. While we may know this already there’s a difference between feeling this on this end and Dr. Han sensing it himself. It’s something that he will need to prove in the operating room — do a good enough job there and he can handle his issues when it comes to bedside manner. We’ve been here before, and we’ll certainly be there again with this character.

Ultimately, if the writers know that they’re going to get Shaun back in the OR, it makes sense to not wait too long to make it happen. Is Shaun’s job title really a compelling season 3 cliffhanger?

The case against it

We do want to see Shaun doing his old job eventually, but we’ll admit that there is something compelling from seeing the world of pathology. This is a department rarely ever featured on medical dramas but it’s essential — it helps doctors. Without solutions to difficult diagnosis, doctors are stunted. They don’t have answers and patients die. There’s nothing wrong with being here … and we think that the show is allowing us to see that. It’s just not what Shaun wants in the end.

Want to get some more news on the upcoming finale?

You can read the official synopsis over here — though we caution you that there are some spoilers ahead!

What do you think should happen regarding The Good Doctor and Shaun’s job moving into the final episodes of the season? Share now in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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