Blue Bloods season 9 episode 16 video: Who’s lying to Frank?

Blue Bloods season 9

CBS last night revealed the first Blue Bloods season 9 episode 16 promo, and this seems to serve one specific purpose: Giving you a sense of Frank’s story. There hasn’t been too much revealed about it in the promotional materials so far, but of course, we assumed that he would have a role to play in the story at large. Frank’s a cornerstone to this series and while we do think that some of his stories have a tendency to blend together, there is one fascinating quality to this one on the service: Frank is getting angry.

Odds are, you won’t like Frank when he’s angry.

As the promo reveals, Frank is clued in as to a shooting involving an off-duty officer at a Bronx mini-mart. On the surface, it’s probably far to wonder “is this the same sort of shooting that happened with Danny?” — after all, we just got through with a story where Donnie Wahlberg’s character fired his weapon at a young man at a gas station. The clear difference, at least on the surface, is that the reasoning for the gunfire is a little bit hazier here. It doesn’t seem on the surface like this is strictly about self-defense and there may be a more ambiguous motive at the heart of what’s going on here.

This is where the lie comes into play — you see Frank at the end of the promo proclaim that you don’t lie or mislead your boss … ever. That doesn’t bode well for whoever does it! Frank is told, in an insistent matter, that the off-duty cop at the center of the shooting is a “good man.” That’s certainly well and good but, at the same time being a good man doesn’t mean you are innocent. It just means that you have a clean record. You’re given the benefit of the doubt until the trail runs cold and evidence points to the contrary. Frank’s going to look for the facts and depending on what he finds, there could be sever consequences.

As for what else you can expect…

We’ll tease now that one of the bigger stories involves Jamie and Eddie. Someone is out for revenge on the two, and it’s not entirely clear why. Yet, we know that they have something to lose — they have kept their relationship a secret from their precinct, likely so that they can disclose the information on their own terms at their own timeline.

Depending on what this person does, there’s a good chance that such a big reveal is not going to be possible. That’s not an altogether-pleasant thing to think about, but it is something that the characters are going to need to prepare for.

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