Chicago Fire season 7: The future for Brett; Antonio possibilities

BrettonioWhat could be coming for Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire season 7, and is there any chance at all that Antonio could be a part of it? We don’t think it’s any secret that the demand to see these two get together is out there; if we were to go around and conduct a poll of the most-popular Brett-related ‘ship in this world, Brettonio would be #1 and it wouldn’t even be close! We have this striking image now of us running around in the street, a la Billy Eichner, yelling at people “what’s your favorite Brett relationship! Tell me!”.

Brett and Antonio are one of those classic examples of the writers taking a creative risk and them hitting it so far out of the park that viewers want more of it. Yet, the challenge for the writers then becomes trying to find a way to swing with that same sort of strength again and it’s hard. You can’t hit a home run every single time you’re at bat, especially when you need to hit it so far out of the park that the ball metaphorically lands over on the set of Chicago PD. 

That is the main issue with Brettonio — cross-show pollination. Brett’s a fairly-important character on Chicago Fire, whereas Antonio is integral to Chicago PD. While this fantastic first-responder universe can make things work with Mouch and Platt, they’re both smaller characters on their shows; also, they don’t really cross over more than once or twice a season, if that. If Brettonio were to be a thing again, there’d be an expectation for a little bit more, which leads to more writers’ room collaboration, which probably leads to excited fans and then also writers and schedule makers drowning in a sea of papers trying to find a way to get to the surface. It takes so much work to have just a couple of crossovers (even small ones) let alone something big and a continuous story that lasts between two shows. If Brettonio is going to grow into something bigger there needs to be time for that growth and that time has to be together.

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For the sake of the next paragraph or so, let’s hone in on a singular subject: Where Sylvie Brett is right now. She’s dealing with a breakup.

In a new post on Twitter over the weekend, show executive producer Derek Haas confirmed that when the NBC show returns on March 27, you’re going to see Brett reeling from what happened with Chaplain Sheffield. It’s a sad situation for her — this was a stable, adult relationship! Also, Teddy Sears is fantastic and we would’ve loved to have him around more … but Teddy Sears is also the sort of guy who can be one of the first few people on the call sheet for another show. It’s hard to keep this sort of actor around as a recurring player when eventually, we imagine that they’d want a stable, permanent gig. Unless someone was to come through and promote him to regular status here, the end of this relationship was always an inevitability.

For Brett now, the name of the game is getting back on her feet.

As for Antonio…

We know that Kara Killmer enjoys working with Jon Seda — she said as much at One Chicago Day last year! There just wasn’t much talk of Brettonio happening again at that point and we haven’t heard too much more as of yet. We do know that the door is always left open and sooner or later, we could make it to that starting line again. Antonio’s obviously got some of his own issues going on in between his opioid addiction and regaining the trust of Intelligence — plus being on the best terms possible with his family. When you’re in the sort of position he’s in, it’s best not to bite off more than you can chew.

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