Is The Blacklist new tonight? What we can expect to see next

The BlacklistIs The Blacklist new tonight on NBC? For most of the year, one of the main points of NBC’s promotional campaign is how there would be very few hiatuses from one week to the next.

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So where is tonight’s new episode? Even though the big promotional push was the lack of hiatuses here we are telling you that there is no new episode coming up on NBC tonight. There’s a reason why the network chose to give you two episodes in a back-to-back fashion last week — they knew they weren’t giving you one now. There is a repeat of The Voice airing instead, which is NBC basically doing what they can in order to ensure that they can boost the ratings of that show. Is it frustrating to have breaks? Sure, but it’s also hard to complain when we’ve received so many new episodes as of late and have gotten six seasons of the show in the first place. We are hoping for a season 7, but we’re a little too early in the process to know if that is something that is going to happen.

So where are we right now when it comes to the show? Well, for starters, Reddington has figured out the Liz Keen knows the truth about him … or at least the truth about him being an imposter. Meanwhile, Dembe knows that Liz is responsible for locking Reddington up — he’s just choosing to keep that to himself.

Where will the story go from here?

The Blacklist is returning with more episodes next week, and you can read more news about it over at the link here. The best way to summarize the story to come is this: Liz Keen is getting closer to uncovering some truth. Because of that, Reddington is going to be getting desperate and is out to make one of the biggest moves of his life. Hence, his decision to try and bust out of prison. That’s the inference that we have courtesy of the latest NBC promo. It’s possible it may be misdirection, but did anyone actually think that he would spend the better part of this season behind bars? It’s already been way too long for our liking! Think of this as almost a productive slumber for him. He still somehow managed to be involved despite his incarceration, but he can go back to being Reddington at the peak of his powers … provided that he finds a way to get out of prison.

As far as the Blacklister story-of-the-week plot, this episode will introduce you to the Cryptobanker, some sort of character who dabbles within the complicated cryptocurrency world. We know that for us personally, almost anyone who dabbles within this world on scripted television is wicked … maybe not on Reddington level, but they all seem to think that it’s some crazy get-rich-quick scheme. We don’t necessarily think that all cryptocurrency is like that, but few shows give a good impression of it. We will have to see if this episode does anything to change that.

What do you want to see on The Blacklist coming up the rest of this season?

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