The Blacklist season 6 episode 10 promo: Reddington’s prison break

Blacklist season 6 episode 2It was only a matter of time before Raymond Reddington made his move. He’s clearly tired of the courts, tiring of prison, and also tiring of the idea that Liz Keen may be able to uncover the truth about him. There is only so much comfort that exists behind the walls of the jail; there’s a freedom on the outside and an opportunity for him to change the game. He controls his narrative rather than having others do so for him.

In the new The Blacklist season 6 episode 10 promo below, you can behold Reddington deciding, quite frankly, that he’s had enough. He is now at a point where he can make his next move. You see him execute some of it in this short period, coming up with a disguise (beard included), a good hat, and Dembe waiting on the other side. Then, he can restart and rebuild his empire without as much concern for whether or not a jury eventually finds him guilty; he may not be treasonous, at least if you buy the verdict tonight, but there is so much more darkness underneath the surface with this man.

Want our own video preview for what’s ahead? – We’ve got a clip below that is, more or less, our accompaniment to what you see in the promo. We raise questions as to what could be coming up for Reddington as well as what the Task Force is up to now. If you enjoy this video, subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube so you don’t miss any other … and be sure to view our official The Blacklist playlist.

Is there plenty of story for Reddington to address now with him out? It doesn’t even feel like there is an adequate way of saying this that does his story justice. We are looking now at a man who recognizes the danger that he’s in, at least in terms of his secret being exposed once and for all. He doesn’t know that Liz betrayed him, but he is aware that she knows about his imposter status. He also may be scrambling in terms of the vital information from Katarina Rostova’s past that now has come to the surface. Has the reputation of Raymond Reddington, at least a formative version of him, changed forever? Where does his legacy stand now?

Moving into episode 10, the writers can choose whether to accelerate or decelerate, but there may not be too great an overt hurry to rush to the next big jaw-dropper. There is time to unspool what is next for Reddington … on the other side of the questions related to his escape. Take things one step at a time.

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Where do you foresee the story for Reddington going from here? Will his prison break be a successful one? Feel free to share your thoughts below. (Photo: NBC.)

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