Animal Kingdom season 4 spoilers: Prepare to see more Mia…

Animal Kingdom season 3File this latest news about Animal Kingdom under “things you probably saw coming, but are nonetheless happy to hear.”

According to a new report via Deadline, Sohvi Rodriguez is going to be a series regular moving into the new season as Mia, the rough-around-the-edges woman who gets involved with J and also proves herself to be quite formidable to Smurf. Mia proved herself to be an integral part of the Cody family universe, though her past also makes her a complicated person. Can you really trust her? Does J really want to get too closer to her?

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It feels from our vantage point like one of the big reasons to throw Mia into the world of Animal Kingdom was to offer up something totally different to Nicky, who was previously a part of the show and of J’s life. She didn’t have the same rough history that Mia does and that character came under a lot of fire for being irritating. (Personally, we kind of got where that character came from sometimes — the Codys are not the easiest group of people to be around!) Mia holds her own a little bit more against them, and we do think that there is something interesting about giving J someone who could end up betraying him when he, based on the past season or so, likes to hold many of the cards. While he’s one of the series’ younger characters, he has shown himself to have a real knack for running criminal operations and/or causing a ruckus. He’s smart, resourceful, and also menacing when he needs to be. We know that he’s a killer and that he doesn’t spend a lot of time really lamenting some of the things that he’s done. That’s why it is easy to see things going really badly for Mia or J by the end of their story — one of them could end up hurting the other.

Still, this promotion does ensure that if there is some pain coming, it’s not going to be the sort that jettisons Mia from this show quickly. She may still have a role in creating some chaos in the weeks ahead.

What else do we know about season 4?

The biggest thing that has us excited is the appearance from Bones alum Emily Deschanel, who is making her big return to television. She’s going to be playing someone who will shake up the family dynamic — which seemed to be the function of Denis Leary last season. Given that Emily and Denis are very different performers, her personality will likely differ.

There’s also a new promo for season 4 that you can check out over at the link here, and it shows you just how cold the war is becoming between J and Smurf. They may not snipe each other publicly, but they’re clearly thinking about it.

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