Death in Paradise season 9 renewal: Will it happen on BBC One?

Death in Paradise

Do you want to see a Death in Paradise season 9 renewal over on BBC One? If so, join the club? The demand is certainly out there for more of the fun mystery show, but as of this writing, the network hasn’t tipped their cap one way or another just yet.

So is it going to happen, where we are going to be able to dip our toes into the beautiful (and deadly) waters of Saint Marie once more? For now, we’re approaching the renewal with a sense of optimism … mostly because this series is hugely successful. It performs extremely well in consolidated ratings, it serves as perfect TV comfort food (ironic, given how many people die during it), and it’s shown itself over time to be reasonably independent of the cast who appear in it.

Let’s be honest — there have been a ton of departures over the years, including one this season after Florence decided to rebuild her life elsewhere after the death of Patrice. It makes sense as to why there would be. It’s not because filming in Guadeloupe is miserable — it’s one of the most gorgeous filming locations in the world! It’s because it’s a vacation destination for a reason — you got to get away from your real life for a while, and then you go back home. Being away from your friends and family for months at a time is tough for anyone, especially after you do it for years on end.

We were curious about this, so we played around with Google Flights — on average, the shortest commercial flight you can get from Guadeloupe to London is more than 12 hours! That makes it rather tough to dash home if there’s an emergency or you just want a few days away from the set. There’s a revolving door quality with Death in Paradise and there will continue to be. It’s a part of it, but viewers seem to have accepted that.

The only reason for anxiety

We understand that BBC One has confirmed new seasons of Death in Paradise a little earlier in the past, but the wait is no cause for concern right now. They could announce the renewal tonight or in a few weeks! There are many different things that need to be figured out in renewal discussions, including boring financial things that are hard to point out here. (I.e. they’re really rather boring.)

When could a Death in Paradise season 9 premiere?

Provided that the BBC does the right thing and renews the show for more, the sensible answer here is early 2020. This is the perfect time for new episodes and mysteries, mostly because it is the perfect escape for the cold. It’s easy to put this show on during the winter months and, more than likely, this is when it will generate the best ratings. So long as filming begins by late spring, there’s little reason to think that this would be a challenge.

Update: Great news!

There will be more Death in Paradise, as more episodes are coming in 2020.

Before you go…

Be sure to check out all of our Death in Paradise coverage right now over at the link here. Also, let us know in the comments if you want to see a season 9 + when you would want the series back for more. (Photo: BBC One.)

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