Riverdale, Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luke Perry suffers stroke

Luke PerryThere is some rather terrible news coming out today when it comes to Luke Perry. The actor, best known for his work on Riverdale as well as Beverly Hills, 90210, has reportedly suffered a stroke.

This news was first reported by TMZ, with a representative for the actor noting that he is currently under observation at a local Los Angeles hospital. We are, of course, sending him all of our best wishes and will update this story once there is more in the way of news to officially report.

The 52-year old Perry is currently a regular on Riverdale, where he is taking on the role of Archie’s father Fred Andrews. He’s been a major part of the show for some time and we’re sure that the massive Riverdale family is doing what they can in order to send him love and support. There is an incredibly unique dynamic with this show, largely because many of the “parents” within the show were once teen and young-adult stars themselves, which gives them the ability to offer insight and advice to the younger cast on how they can handle becoming an overnight star. Perry knows all about this because of his Beverly Hills, 90210 role, which put his star at an all-time high. He appeared in almost 200 episodes of the long-running franchise, and some of his other credits include the likes of Jeremiah and ten episodes of Oz.

This terrible news on Perry’s health comes on the same week that it was announced that there is a 90210 revival series of sorts coming to Fox this summer. Billed as a short limited series event, the story revolves around some of the original cast members coming back together to do a revival — it feels very much like that Curb Your Enthusiasm storyline where there was a potential Seinfeld revival planned out. Perry was not meant to appear in every episode, but there were plans to reportedly include him as much as his schedule made it available.

Of course, at this point what matters here is not so much about a TV show. Instead, it’s about a man’s health and making sure that he is okay and on the mend. Depending on the severity of the stroke, there can be a lengthy recovery time attached to it. He needs all the time that he needs to get better so he can eventually return to work as healthy and energized as possible. His recovery efforts could even be thought about as an inspiration. But, for now, there shouldn’t be pressure. What matters the most is allowing him to get better at his own time; we know everyone is going to be rooting and pulling for him.

As we mentioned earlier, we’re sending nothing but the best to both Perry and his friends and family through this difficult period of recovery. (Photo: The CW.)

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