Chicago Med season 4 episode 17 return date hopes; story speculation

Chicago MedWithin this article, we’re ready to get some early Chicago Med season 4 episode 17 talk happening … both in terms of the return date and some of what we want to see next!

Let’s kick things off with a discussion of when Torrey DeVitto, Nick Gehlfuss, Colin Donnell, and many of your other faves could be back. The sad news is that we’re staring in the face of a lengthy hiatus — we’re coming off of a nice run of episodes for much of February, and the downside of that is that it typically that means a stretch of time without new episodes – it happens ever year. NBC is clearly of the belief that giving you batches of episodes is better than playing schedule hot-potato and throwing up new ones all over the place and we have to agree with that philosophy. Long hiatuses stink, but they at least give viewers an opportunity to catch up if they’ve fallen behind for whatever reason.

As of this writing, NBC has already confirmed that there are no new episodes either on March 6 or March 13; with that in mind, the earliest that Chicago Med could return to the air is Wednesday, March 20 — but it could also be later than this. Note that there are still six more episodes to air, and it would make sense for them to air all six in succession. Meanwhile, it would also make sense for NBC to get at least a couple of episodes wedged into the key May sweeps ratings period. That’s why we wouldn’t be altogether shocked if Chicago Med didn’t return until March 27 or even April.

There’s a pretty good chance that a return date will be confirmed following Wednesday’s new episode; if that happens, we will update you right away.

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So what could be coming next?

Above all else, Chicago Med needs to navigate a new focus beyond just relationships. In between Will/Natalie, Connor/Ava, Ethan/April, and even some of what’s been going on as of late with Dr. Charles, we’re diving so deep into the dating waters that it may be hard to swim back out. This is a show about relationships, sure, but also medicine and the challenges that doctors face working in this city. It would be nice to see some other storylines surface in regards to family or some other struggles facing these doctors outside of work. We want to visit more apartments/homes, and really understand some of what they deal with when they’re not in their scrubs! It’s critical in forming people like this since it’s not like they can just go home and watch TV all night. There are other things they have to deal with — in that sense, it makes some of the heroism on the job all the more admirable.

In particular, it would be nice to see more of Ava separate from Connor — because she is the character of the group who has been around the shortest period of time, she is the least developed.

On the crossover angle there hasn’t been anything specific announced as of yet, but wouldn’t be shocked if there are some minor appearances from various actors across each separate show. Jay’s certainly had a lot to do on Chicago Med this year, just because of everything that his brother’s been going through. (Wouldn’t it be nice to see Will be more of a shoulder to Jay, in turn? Just a thought.)

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