Big Brother Canada 7 cast released; first details, photos of houseguests

Big Brother Canada 7

One week from today the Big Brother Canada 7 premiere is going to officially come to Global, and today, we’re gearing up for that by sharing some of the first details on the eclectic cast — and also an early twist that could help to define the season.

We will start off with this: You can head over to the show’s official website to vote for one of the fourteen houseguests to receive a special power — there’s a serious Mission: Impossible sort of theme going on this year within the game, which is why in the press release today the houseguests are referred to as “agents.” (This is fitting, given that for a good 50% of the houseguests every season, winning is an impossible mission.) Whoever wins the vote will be “granted top-level clearance to Leon’s hidden secret lounge, where they will gain covert access to valuable intel that could help their mission.” Perhaps the biggest shocker of the entire season is that The Brick is no longer the furniture sponsor for the show; instead, Leon’s is taking their place. There are some other sponsors, including Wendy’s, who will surface throughout the season. It’s how the show stays on the air — we get wanting to complain about all the branding, but it’s a part of the experience if we want to have the show at all. We’re fine as long as the houseguests don’t start getting Leon’s tattoos midway through the season.

So who are the fourteen houseguests currently set to compete? Take a look below.

Adam Pike

Adam Pike

Age: 27

Hometown: Spaniard’s Bay, N.L.

Occupation: Oil Field Worker

About: Adam is a double-threat with a physique strong enough to crush the competitions and a social game-savvy enough to win over the house.

First Reaction – He’s your typical Big Brother Canada every-man who is fairly forgettable and finishes anywhere between tenth and sixth place.

Anthony Douglas

Anthony Douglas

Age: 31

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ont.

Occupation: Gas Inspector

About: Don’t be fooled by his 6’4” stature, Anthony is a charming, smooth-talking Momma’s boy and teddy bear at heart.

First Reaction – Seems super-likable, but anytime someone over 6’2” appears on this show everyone screams “THEY ARE A THREAT AND NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT IMMEDIATELY.” Sorry, Anthony.

Chelsea Bird

Chelsea Bird

Age: 30

Hometown: Edmonton, Alta.

Occupation: Radio Host

About: At first glance, this cat-loving, bubbly radio host is sweet on the surface, but she is willing to lie, scheme, and manipulate the other houseguests to claim the BBCAN winner status.

First Reaction – She’s going to want to talk a lot — it’s a part of her job. She just has to know when to dial it back.

Damien Kelto

Damien Ketlo

Age: 28

Hometown: Nadleh Whut’en, B.C.

Occupation: Goalie Coach

About: This former pro hockey player is a force to be reckoned with, bringing both brain and brawn into the Big Brother Canada house. Damien has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Native American studies and is incredibly passionate about his Indigenous heritage.

First Reaction – In terms of background and where he comes from, this is the sort of player we’ve wanted to see on the show forever. He has the makings of being someone formidable.

Dane Rupert

Dane Rupert

Age: 27 (will turn 28 while in the house)

Hometown: Kelowna, B.C.

Occupation: Civil Technician

About: Known as a local Kelowna celebrity, this goofy hockey jock believes you must play hard to win big.

First Reaction – This guy plays hockey — no doubt about it. If he can be goofy like Jon Pardy and link up with the right person, he could go far.

Eddie Lin

Eddie Lin

Age: 25

Hometown: Montreal, Que.

Occupation: Cryptocurrency Developer

About: This cryptocurrency enthusiast learned how to speak English by watching the show. Now as a houseguest, Eddie is ready to test his knowledge of the series and manipulate the other players.

First Reaction – Does this mean that we have to listen to someone talk about Bitcoin for most of the season? That aside, we think Eddie’s at least going to bring a superfan angle to things.

Estefania Hoyos

Estefania Hoyos

Age: 23

Hometown: Gatineau, Que.

Occupation: Student

About: Estefania was bit by the travel bug early. Born in Columbia before moving to Canada, she has traveled the world and like a chameleon, can adapt to any situation.

First Reaction – An under-the-radar threat. She seems like she’s got a life experience, but is still young. She could be underestimated.


Kailyn Archer

Age: 42

Hometown: Grand Prairie, Alta.

Occupation: Psychic

About: This free-spirited mother of four lives for her family and has an intuition like no other. She’s confident the house will enjoy her cooking and even more confident that she won’t enjoy slop.

First Reaction – Do you really need to be a psychic to know that slop is horrible? She’s in danger, mostly because the cook is not a role that often works out on this show.


Kiera Wallace

Age: 23

Hometown: Port Moody, B.C.

Occupation: Bartender

About: This vivacious West Coaster is going to lean in on her ability to connect with the other houseguests to keep her safe in the game…but will have no problem sending them out the door.

First Reaction – Not sure about Kiera’s relationship status, but typically bartenders are the sort of people casting wants to see in a showmance. Showmances have done well in this game, so it would not be a bad strategy.


Kyra Shenker

Age: 25

Hometown: Montreal, Que.

Occupation: Bartender

About: This big-hearted non-binary bartender is ready to become the #BBCAN7 mastermind. Though very caring, Kyra is also analytical and hopes the houseguests will see them as emotional support rather than a threat.

First Reaction – They are a groundbreaking contestant, no doubt, and the casting shows that Big Brother Canada brings diversity to reality TV like no other. We just hope that their time in the game isn’t defined mostly by this.


Laura Roberts

Age: 26 (will turn 27 while in the house)

Hometown: Calgary, Alta.

Occupation: Judicial Clerk

About: An unapologetic Italian-Canadian with a larger-than-life personality and a no-nonsense attitude. This tattooed law clerk will do what it takes to find justice in the BBCAN house.

First Reaction – Laura wins “most intimidating job of the season.” That plus tattoos can make her her come across as really tough (which can be seen as a threat)  — but she’s gotta show a lighter side.



Age: 31

Hometown: Toronto, Ont.

Occupation: Poet/DJ

About: A philosopher at heart, this poet and DJ is ready to shake up the BBCAN house and adapt to every situation he faces to win the ultimate prize.

First Reaction – He seems fun! As a fellow poet he’s one of our early picks — at least for entertainment. He’s just gotta remember (and we know this from experience) that not everyone likes poetry all the time.


Mark Drelich

Age: 29

Hometown: Edmonton, Alta.

Occupation: Travel Guide

About: This charming and rebellious world traveler has more than meets the eye. With a specific strategy in place, Mark has no problem breaking off alliances and ending friendships to become the winner.

First Reaction – Estefania has the travel bug; Mark is a travel guide. Did someone in production set this up? Anyhow, we don’t really love him as becoming the winner since having a specific strategy rarely works out This game is fluid.

Samantha Picco

Samantha Picco

Age: 30

Hometown: Conception Bay South, N.L.

Occupation: Beauty Salon Owner

About: A pint-sized powerhouse with a larger-than-life personality, Samantha is ready to bring some east coast charisma to the Big Brother Canada house.

First Reaction – We love having contestants from Newfoundland on this show since they don’t get too much representation elsewhere! We think she has some potential in the game since she may throw people off with her small stature, but they almost always kill it with endurance competitions.

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