The Enemy Within episode 2 preview: A mole & more mayhem

The Enemy WithinIn approaching The Enemy Within episode 2 following tonight’s premiere, we have a good sense as to how the table is set. Erica Shepherd, a former CIA operative turned criminal, is suddenly working with federal authorities to try to top Tal, a terrorist she has a history with. Unfortunately, some of that history led to the death of four Americans. That’s why she is prison, separated from the rest of the world including her own daughter.

By the end of the premiere, we understood more of her heard — and that she did what she did in order to protect her daughter from being killed. She is far from a perfect person, but she is no criminal mastermind out for the destruction of all America. Instead, she’s a tortured soul who walks the line of morality on a high wire. At any moment, she could slip; at any moment, she may have an incentive to slip. Given that she’s been turned for the sake of her daughter before, couldn’t that happen again? This is a series that will push the envelope and ask these questions week in and week out.

Also, here’s another question to think about: Is anyone going to figure out about the mole soon?

What it does need to focus on in the process is ensuring that these characters have something more than just the missions and that there’s a little bit more in their past beyond just the tragedy. This is a show with the potential to be the love child of Homeland and The Blacklist if it plays its cards right. We expect things to move at a fairly steady pace this season, mostly because they have to. This is a show that is premiering at a very specific point in the year where there is no back-nine order that it can get. Everything that it wants to bring to you, from the drama to the action to the intensity, it’s going to have to bring right away.

If you do want to get some more news now on what’s next, check out the official The Enemy Within episode 2 synopsis:

When a former CIA operative is murdered, Keaton (Morris Chestnut) enlists Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) to help recover valuable intel that could take down Tal once and for all. But the question remains, can Shepherd be trusted?

Episode 2 for just about any series is critical — after all, this is where you often figure out the viewers who want to stick with you for the long run. It’s like going to a restaurant. If you have a good meal there the first time, you’re going to want to go back; however, if it’s lacking on the second go-around, you may not be willing to give it a third. If you’re satisfied after two different outings, then you’re pretty close to committing to it as one of your favorite spaces.

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What do you want to see in regards to The Enemy Within episode 2? Do you think that this is a show you will continue to watch? Share now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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