The Resident season 2: The reason for the weird scheduling

The ResidentIf you’re a fan of The Residentwe certainly would understand if you would want to go and pound your head against the nearest wall. There is no new episode on Fox tonight — yet, there is a new episode on March 4. That’s fairly common to have a one-week break between installments. What’s a little strange is that in the aftermath of this, there is another repeat airing the week that follows on March 11. Then, the show comes back for another arc starting on Monday, March 18.

So what is going on here? Why play a game of scheduling hot-potato? That’s a good question, but to some degree, there is a good reason for it.

The reason for the hiatus at all – This is something that, on occasion, we’ve talked about in the past. (We also break some of this down in the attached video — subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube if you want to grab more.) TV shows film at the same exact time that episodes are airing; without repeats, the shows simply wouldn’t be done on time! The last thing that you should want is to be disappointed when you think that a show is going to air a little bit faster, but you’re disappointed when production just can’t keep up. This way at least gives you clarity on when episodes are going to air, and barring some last-minute interruption, it’s not going to change.

The 9-1-1 factor – It makes a good bit of sense for Fox to pair as many episodes of the Matt Czuchry series as humanly possible alongside new 9-1-1 episodes. That show’s coming back on March 18. Why are we only getting one episode between now and when Angela Bassett and company are on the air? That should be pretty easy to figure out: Fox loves ratings. They’re willing to make people wait to boost the show’s overall numbers and create a little bit more of an event with one great show after the other.

The one thing we’d change – If we were Fox, we would’ve aired either the March 4 episode tonight or save it until March 11. It’s a little weird to be having the March 4 episode just sitting out there on hiatus island, not really surrounded by anything else. (For those wondering, Fox is airing The Masked Singer tonight instead leading to the finale — we love the silly fun and surprising emotion that comes from this show, but we’ve also already seen the episode. It doesn’t really hold a candle to getting an original Resident. This is probably, though, why Fox wanted to give the show the night off — they want The Masked Singer finale to have the biggest ratings imaginable.)

What will happen when The Resident returns?

Think in terms of some more, epic drama surrounding the power-hungry Quovadis corporation. Can someone finally take these guys down? Everyone may have their own reasons for watching The Resident and their favorite characters, but everyone should stand up and cheer at the thought of their destruction.

Meanwhile, be prepared to see Chastain’s favorite custodian in jeopardy; meanwhile, Alec is going to be making a huge decision regarding his future at the clinic. (Curious in getting more details? Then feast your eyes on the story here, which contains the official synopsis.)

All in all, the important thing to note is that The Resident will be back with new episodes last week — just be sure to pay attention to the schedule, since it’s going to be pretty easy to get confused by what Fox is up to.

Missing The Resident tonight, and what do you want to see when the story is back? Be sure to sound off now in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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