Manifest season 2: Three reasons to be excited in advance

ManifestLet’s kick this Manifest article off by dishing out the bad news right away — there’s no new episode tonight. The finale has come and gone and because of that we’re left with the gunshot cliffhanger and lot of questions as to where things are gonna go moving forward.

The point of this article isn’t necessarily to parse out any of the cliffhangers or offer specific theories; instead, it’s all about sharing some reasons to have some excitement over a season 2 — even if we’re probably seven or so months, at least, away from it. Note that there still technically no official renewal out there, but there’s also no reason to be concerned. With the show’s ratings being what they are, it’d probably be a bigger shocker than anything you’ve seen on Manifest in season 1 if NBC decided to cancel it.

If you do want to check out some specifics regarding the finale, be sure to check out Samantha D’Amico’s analysis here. and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for some discussion all about the show.

If you are ready, then let’s dive into some of our reasons for Manifest season 2 excitement!

1. A plan – This may sound like a pretty-rudimentary way in which to boil everything down, but we do think that it matters a great deal. With a lot of super-serialized shows, you can easily get bogged down in a sea of uncertainty — not knowing what lies ahead or whether or not the writers have a specific endgame in mind. With Manifest, there is less of a concern for that. In the season 1 finale, we had an indication of a possible expiration date for Ben, Michaela, and many of the other passengers in flight 828. If you want to subscribe to the belief that this timeline equals six seasons, have at it! Even if you don’t, we interpret this as the show possibly building towards this point in the future where their time back on earth is the equivalent of roughly how long they were gone.

Having a specific moment to build to, even if it is years down the road, certainly gives the audience a reason to stay hooked. As successful as The Walking Dead may be, we’ve always felt that this was a problem with that show. It feels indefinite and there’s no real end game for these survivors – just supply runs and walkers until the end of time.

2. A loyal audience – The Manifester crowd has grown exponentially since the pilot, so much that we’d be willing to wager that this show has one of the most passionate followings of any freshman show out there. This could prove quite valuable in the event that there ever is a cancellation concern … not that we think there is one now. It’s just a comfort to know that the show has a core group of supporters who will have the show’s back — and even fight for a new home — in the event, there is some danger down the road.

3. The potential for streaming success – The entire first season is already on Hulu and we think that this is the sort of show that could easily build a bigger following for itself over the spring and summer much like Breaking Bad did in between seasons. It has that potential for great binge-watching, where you start watching one morning and before you know it, it’s midnight and you’re surrounded by a pizza boxes and twinkie wrappers wondering where the day went … not that we would know about any of this from personal experience. With the right marketing, we wouldn’t be shocked if there is a boost early next season from people who caught up online and want to start watching live.

What are you the most excited about in regards to a Manifest season 2 — provided, of course, we get it and the world remains on its axis? Share now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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