The Bachelor video: Cassie Randolph’s dad has questions about Colton

Cassie RandolphMonday night’s The Bachelor episode is right around the corner now, and with it being hometown dates, CarterMatt is here to talk about a time-honored tradition with this show: Concerned fathers! It happens every time, and it really should happen every time. We’d be worried if a dad wasn’t concerned over their daughter coming home to talk about potentially getting engaged to a few-weeks long relationship with a man who is still dating three other women.

Heck, even saying that this relationship is a few weeks’ long even feels like a stretch. While you are forced to think and talk about this person just about every second of the day, you don’t exactly get a lot of alone time — even on one-on-one dates, there’s almost always a camera crew and producers all around. It’s a world totally constructed in a vacuum, which is probably why Cassie Randolph’s father throws around the words “reality check” to his daughter in the new clip below via Good Morning America.

All of the content in this preview is vintage hometown-date dad, including him questioning how affectionate Colton could be with the other women, how sure he is about his daughter, and also how in the world his daughter can know that he’s “the one.” There’s another dimension to add to this — Cassie’s only 23. As someone who got married quite young ourselves (22), we know that parents can be concerned over age playing a factor, but after being married for almost ten years now we can say that being young doesn’t mean that you don’t know when something is right. That being said finding your special someone on a competition show for love can cloud minds at any age.

We know that a lot of the cast this season is extremely young, but she’s even on the younger end of that. We do think that maturity matters a million times more than age, but this show loves to throw the projection of age as an important thing out into the universe. (That’s one of the things that was the most grating about Demi, who otherwise had some entertaining moments.)

It may or may not be fair to Cassie, but there’s an interesting context to watching her now — the whole “what Katie said” saga that kicked off last week. Is she really ready for marriage, and does she want to be with Colton more than being The Bachelorette? We don’t think that she has to prove anything to show that those comments false; it’s instead about just making Colton comfortable in the wake of the allegations. He’s really the only person that matters.

We won’t get too much into our take on the whole controversy here, but you can hear us dish out some thoughts in our latest video below! Check it out for and subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more Bachelor updates. We also have an official show playlist with more insight, including our rankings for The Bachelorette as of right now.

Alas, this sneak peek misses out on what is sure to be the main event: Colton having a one-on-one conversation with Cassie’s father! You know that this has gotta be super-intense.

Another fun fact to know

Cassie’s sister is Michelle Randolph, an actress who has been romantically linked to Gregg Sulkin. We don’t know if any of that comes up tonight, but this is a family that’s experienced a good bit of fame! (Remember, there’s also the past reality show Young Once that the press has had a field day about.)

What about the other dates?

Check out the episode’s synopsis for some scoop on that:

Colton made it through an extremely challenging week, questioning which women were really ready for commitment. In the end, he found four amazing bachelorettes he cares about who have his confidence: Caelynn, Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia. A visit to Caelynn’s hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, turns emotional as her protective family needs convincing that Colton is serious about his desire to be married. The Bachelor’s next stop is Birmingham, Alabama, where Hannah G. attempts to shape him into a true Southern gentleman. Will it be enough to persuade her concerned parents that he is sincere? Tayshia tests Colton’s trust in her, challenging him to go skydiving near her hometown of Santa Ana, California. But the couple’s terrifying jump is nothing compared to the reaction of her skeptical father. Cassie’s hometown of Huntington Beach, California, is Colton’s last stop, but will her parents be able to help her sort out her feelings or just confuse her more? One woman will suffer a devastating exit, as the other three bachelorettes look forward to the highly anticipated Fantasy Suites. But in another shocking turn, Colton leaves the room with Chris Harrison for a conversation that could change everything.

If you were Cassie’s father, how would you react to Colton showing up for hometown dates — and this entire crazy situation in general? Share below! (Photo: ABC.)

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