The Good Doctor season 2 episode 16 preview: Dr. Glassman helps Shaun

Dr. GlassmanThe Good Doctor season 2 episode 16 will feature Dr. Shaun Murphy in a rather strange place, with him trying to alphabetize all of his and Lea’s canned goods.

So what is going on here, precisely? This is a manifestation of where Freddie Highmore’s character is at in the midst of a difficult period of time within his life. The context for this preview comes courtesy of a new sneak peek over at TVLine, one where Shaun is fulfilling his canned-goods mission as a function of him trying to grapple with his career change at the hospital.

Through most of the past two seasons, Shaun identified himself as a surgeon — or, at the very least, a surgical resident. There is nothing at the hospital he wanted more. This was a chance for him to not only show off his skill but also to improve himself in areas that he considered to be among his flaw.

Dr. Jackson Han changes that; Dr. Jackson Han changes everything. What we had in him is someone who doesn’t mind being the hard, immovable stone smashing hopes and dreams to pieces. If he thinks of Shaun as a liability, it is hard, almost impossible, to teach him to see the world from another side. We know that Shaun is brilliant, so why won’t Daniel Dae Kim’s character see that? It’s because he is viewing everything through such a myopic lens. He wants to play safe, and he wants to ensure that nothing bad befalls either the hospital or him because of Shaun’s social skills. He is taking away the potential for great victory in order to minimize failure.

Shaun still has a job in pathology, but it is clearly not the one he wants. If it was, why do the routine with the cans? Within this episode, you’ll see the tables turn with Shaun and Dr. Glassman. As of late, Dr. Glassman looked toward Shaun as a source of comfort and advice; with his life on the line, he needed someone to help him make it through. Now, Shaun needs help and Lea is not going to be enough. Aaron is a mentor, a friend, and a lifeline for him. He is someone who can be a beacon in the midst of Shaun’s struggle and can help him with some advice to get him back on his feet.

During The Good Doctor season 2 episode 16, you will see Aaron try to help Shaun … though he is not able to just blink and magically give Shaun his old job back. While his future status as a surgeon remains to be seen, this episode could be, in part, about him dealing with his present. He has to understand that where things are is where things are. This is not a career path defined by flux, at least in terms of your job title.

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