HBO releases new Big Little Lies season 2, Game of Thrones footage

Ballers season 3Leading up to the finale for True Detective season 3 tonight on HBO, the network delivered something much-appreciated: A look at several of their other upcoming shows!

Let’s temper some of those expectations before actually getting to the footage itself, though, since it’s not like they are really giving you much of an avalanche. Instead, it’s more of a small flurry.

The most newsworthy of the shows teased in the network’s new promo today is Game of Throneswhich shouldn’t come as too great of a shock. It’s the most successful series in the whole history of the network and beyond that, there are astronomical expectations for its final run of episodes. The footage that you get in here contains Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) and also a dragon/some various soldiers. We don’t exactly think that this is the face-melting footage, but probably someone out there will write around 2,000 words trying to break it down tiny frame by tiny frame. (There are really only a few seconds wedged in here, so good luck.)

We don’t want to sleep on the new footage included here for Big Little Lies (coming this June) either, mostly in that it offers you a preview of the comparable Meryl Streep. Her casting as Perry’s mother was basically of the “you didn’t think we had enough famous people on this show already” variety, and in the new footage she is looking for more information about what happened to her son. Perry was a louse, an abuser, and an all-around horrible human. Yet, he does still have a mother, and she may always flash back to some of the days that he was young, innocent, and not capable of the sort of pain we’ve seen since.

As for some of the other shows featured…

You do get little teases for Barry season 2, the much-hyped Deadwood movie, and Damon Lindelof’s new version of Watchmen that could be premiering a little bit later this year. You’ve also got in here the final season of Veep and also the upcoming adaptation of His Dark Materials.

The basic way you can sum this video up is HBO walking into a crowded office filled with some of its competition, flexing, and then wandering back out feeling really good about itself. It’s got a killer lineup for the rest of the year, and just the three-show punch of True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Big Little Lies was enough to create some hype. It’s not even needed to throw in Westworld, which is crazy given some of the hype and love around it. (If you love that show, you better be the patient type — season 3 is still a pretty long ways off.)

There’s a reason why HBO is the top premium-cable program out there. This video is more or less it … though we do wish there was more actual footage of some of the top hits.

Which show mentioned in this preview has got you the most hyped at the moment? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below. (Photo: HBO.)

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