Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2: Five players to watch

Kelley WentworthSurvivor: Edge of Extinction is once more upon us, and this means time for another weekend tradition to begin (again): Chronicling the five players to watch out for! We base this always on two different factors: The edit from the first episode and also the preview for what’s coming up. It’s a fun way to think about the game and ponder over what’s next!

Rest assured, there are no spoilers ahead … unless for some reason you’re reading this and you haven’t seen the premiere yet.

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Kelley Wentworth (Manu Tribe) – She’s on a tribe that doesn’t seem to have much in the way of momentum; beyond that, she seems to be a target of some … including fellow returning player David Wright! Kelley’s been able to escape from some tricky binds before, but she may need to commence a mad scramble for an immunity idol to make something happen here … unless of course, the promo is misdirection. (Since when has that happened? Cue obvious sarcasm.)

Reem Daly (Manu Tribe) – It goes without saying that she’d be on the list this time. How can she not be? She’s the first person ever involved in the Edge of Extinction twist, which means that we get to see a totally new, totally unexpected world through her eyes. There’s, naturally, going to be excitement that stems from this situation and she is the perfect hyper-outspoken character to guide us through this world.

Wendy Diaz (Manu Tribe) – If you want to go down the rabbit-hole of “Kelley being targeted in the promo is misdirection,” then you can probably look towards Wendy as someone who is truly in danger. She’s on the clear bottom of this tribe and isn’t necessarily an enormous physical threat or strong strategic player, from what we’ve seen. She almost got herself voted out by pushing too hard to go after Reem! she’s in a position now where she needs to regroup, find allies, cross her fingers, and how she can lay low. It’ll help if Manu can win an immunity challenge.

Ron Clark (Kama Tribe) – He’s got the Advantage Menu, but the question remains whether or not he’s going to want to use it. If he can just hold back and avoid making a big TV move for the sake of making it, he really should. Playing it, unless he’s really in danger, does nothing other than showing other people that his Survivor-gears are turning … and you don’t really want that this early in the game.

Gavin Whitson (Kama Tribe) – He seems to be one of the people behind the idea of getting Aubry out soon and clearly, the guy is jonesing to play the game without having to be under their shadow. It’s a smart idea, in theory, to target returnees, but we’ve seen within the annals of Survivor history that it rarely works as expected. If Gavin’s going to make the move, he better not miss since he’s the sort of young, over-ambitious player who gets himself into trouble.

If you missed it…

You can read more news all about the preview for this Survivor episode over at the link here.

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