Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2 video: Aubry, Kelley targeted

Edge of ExtinctionWhat lies ahead next on Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2? If you blew by the preview following last night’s episode — understandable, given the post-premiere adrenaline — we’re gonna break it down SO much further.

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Let’s kick things off here with the first notable theme of the promo: Kelley and Aubry are in danger. While we know the promo hints that Joe could also be in trouble alongside Aubry on the yellow Mana tribe, it still does feel like he’s got a way out. There’s a chance for him to emerge for a few episodes unscathed. Mostly, it makes zero sense to eliminate him! Why get rid of someone who is going to win you challenges? There’s no incentive for Joe to lose them because he knows that he’s a threat, so he’s always going to try. You just have to strike when the iron is hot with a dude like him — think right before the merge, if the opportunity presents itself, or shortly after the merge. As soon as you’re on the other side of the merge and you know that you’ve got the numbers, you eliminate him them.

Of course, what the players don’t know is that the Edge of Extinction twist is out there, and theoretically, Joe could probably outlast any player out there. Joe could probably just hang out there for the next year, pop onto Survivor 40, and still have a good chance of winning that season, as well.

Let’s get back now to Kelley and Aubry. They’re in danger because 1) they were such obvious threats the first time around and 2) they’re not seen, challenge-wise, as anywhere near as dominant as Joe. It’s still a shock that David isn’t being looked at, but this could just be a case of him being seen, at least for now, as reasonably non-threatening. Probably not the right way to look at it if you’re a player on the blue Manu tribe. (Does anyone else think of Manu Bennett, otherwise known as Slade Wilson on Arrow, anytime you think of the tribe name?)

Then, there’s the Edge of Extinction where Reem is going to be suffering for the better part of at least the next few days. There are still so many mysteries to unlock what this is, how long it lasts, and just what it will do to slowly wither the minds of the players away. Reem still has a shot thanks to being there, but it’s not gonna be easy. It also kind of looks like the Lost island with the random wreckage that the producers have assembled there.

Stay nervous about Reem, but be excited about everything else. It’s Survivor! This looks like a fun season! Mystery twist aside, there’s a lot to be excited for.

If you missed it…

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