The Blacklist season 6 episode 8 review: Is Jennifer Reddington done?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe Blacklist season 6 episode 8 was the first of two episodes airing tonight on NBC, and in the classic rule of TV two-parters, one thing we’ve come to learn is this: The first episode is typically the nothing-burger. It’s the one where you set the table and give the appetizer; that way, everyone is set to get the meal a little bit later.

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That’s not what The Blacklist opted to do tonight. Instead, “Marco Jankowics” threw a giant rump-roast on your lap courtesy of Liz Keen and Jennifer Reddington. Remember Margarite Renard? This is the woman who Liz and Jennifer wanted to track down — the connection to Dr. Hans Koehler that they needed in order to get the truth on Reddington’s real identity.

The problem was that in the process of tracking down Renard, Jennifer ended up being captured by the episode’s title character — someone who did not want to hand down any pertinent info. He was too busy abusing her and demanding information. The moment Jennifer found herself captured, Liz realized that this was a desperate time … and that called for desperate measures. That meant looping in Ressler and, beyond that, this means looping in looping in Reddington. She didn’t give him all of the important information, but she didn’t need to. Reddington’s a smart cat. This isn’t his first rodeo. He knows how to strike when the opportunity arises.

Now, Reddington knows the truth — Liz looking for information on his past identity. Following the trail and hearing about Margarite Renard was all it took for him to know the truth. Yet, here is the tricky thing about one Raymond Reddington: He does have a heart somewhere underneath that cynical exterior. He wants Jennifer to be rescued so, for now, he’s willing to play Liz’s game. He wants to track down Renard, but he wants Dembe to track her down first. He doesn’t want to be forced to do anything more drastic than he really has to. That’s why he’s keeping the info he knows about Liz quiet … for now.

Did Liz track her sister down?

Sure, but that wasn’t easy. It took them holding a young woman/drug mule hostage and orchestrating a trade. The problem was that said drug mule Alexandra died when the prosthetic burst. The parties squared off and the good guys won! Liz gets her sister back, and she and Ressler also beat Dembe to the punch.

On the other side of the arrest, Jennifer confirmed what she learned — Margarite told her that there was a Russian woman who arranged the surgery and that it could’ve been Katarina Rostova. Boom. This revelation was so drastic, so dramatic, that it almost made us forget about Reddington trying to be prison peacekeeper as a means to ensure that he could get his Beethoven music.

The end result

Jennifer Reddington is done. After being captured and nearly killed, it does kinda make sense that she would want to skedaddle from the whole situation. There comes a point when the hunt just isn’t worth it anymore and she doesn’t want to become him. We think in the early going this season, she wanted to play detective; she’s just not an FBI agent. She hasn’t seen the same things Liz does.

“This will end, and when it does I’ll find you.”

That was the final line Liz told to her sister, who we imagine is gonna take off somewhere in Long Island where she can get a little piece of mind.

CarterMatt Verdict

What are the big takeaways from “Marko Jankowics”? Other than Jennifer’s gnarly black eye and Ressler losing Hannah (remember the woman he hired from Alter Ego in order to be his date? Turns out, they turned into something), it seems Liz is going to loop in more people if need be.

Also, Reddington realizes more than ever the urgency of the situation. Liz knows enough that she’ll never stop hunting down the truth.

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