Fans continue Daredevil, Shadowhunters season 4 renewal campaigns

This hasn’t exactly been the best month when it comes to cancellations — it’s not on the darkest-timeline level of Bloody Friday (the day in May where a ton of network shows are canned), but it’s pretty high up on the list. Think about the shows we’ve lost for sure, such as Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Friends From College, and then think about the ones we could lose. One Day at a Time is in serious danger and over the past 24 hours, a dark cloud popped over Wynonna Earp and announced its super-sad presence.

Yet, cancellation is not the end for many a great show — it’s an opportunity for fans to make their presence heard, stand pat, and declare their presence. For some shows, this fight leads to more episodes; for others, they’re still waiting. In this article, the goal is to spotlight two shows in Daredevil and Shadowhunters that are still fighting the good fight, working and doing whatever they can to make their presence heard in an awesome way.

Daredevil – Getting a billboard in Times Square is on the list of coolest stunts we’ve seen fans do as of late. It’s a super high-traffic area, the ads are unavoidable, and it’s just also an awesome thing to be proud of. It’s your show’s name, in lights, with a powerful message. Anyone who ignores it is ridiculous.

A tip of the cap to all of the Daredevil fans out there still fighting and not giving up — this show shouldn’t have been canceled. Heck, you can make this argument about both shows in this article. They were casualties of business, not casualties of a lack of love or attention. There are viewers who will still follow these stories to the ends of the earth.

Shadowhunters – Let’s talk now about the #ShadowBike, which is traveling around Los Angeles over the weekend through Monday! It’s bringing with it a message of hope, a reminder of the charitable contributions made by hands, and also just a reminder, in general, that this is an awesome fandom. It’s also got the same incredible fan-made key art that puts the actual key art for the third season at present to shame. (This key art was featured recently in a billboard in Hollywood.)

If you’re in Los Angeles/the surrounding area and want to see it, the bike’s coming out on Saturday at the Santa Monica Pier, Sunday at the Promenade, and Monday in Hollywood near the signs. It will run from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. local time.

Do we even need to tell you about the awesomeness of Shadowhunters fans again? The Shadowfan and Daredevil fans are making waves like no other, showing that A) they deserve to get their shows back and B) they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You just gotta cross your fingers and hope that some network big-wig out there realizes that it’s worth the chance. A good story will have room to grow; even if it’s a risk, sometimes the biggest payoffs come from that.

Do you want more Shadowhunters and/or Daredevil back on the air, as soon as humanly possible? Sound off below!

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