The World’s Best interview: TNT Boys on performing, meeting Ariana Grande

TNT BoysIf you enjoyed the first performance of TNT Boys on The World’s Best following the Super Bowl, you are in for a treat — come Wednesday night on CBS, the boys from the Philippines are back in the spotlight! They will be hitting you with everything that you could possibly want in a musical number from them, whether it be big vocals, killer harmonies, or that innate likability that comes from them being so polite and grateful to be on stage.

Earlier this week, CarterMatt had a chance to chat with TNT boys (comprised of Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion) about some of their musical origins, their original performance, and even the big Ariana Grande surprise earlier this week on The Late Late Show with James Corden! We have that video for you below if you want to check it out again — we can only imagine what it’s like having a chance to meet one of your musical idols, and then still having to finish the song! The show must go on, right?

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CarterMatt – You’ve traveled all over the world and gotten to do some really cool things over the past couple of years. So what’s been the reaction to you being on this specific show?

Mackie – A lot of people are so proud of us and so overwhelmed because we’ve made it this far.

You auditioned to the show with ‘Listen’; what is it about that song that you enjoy performing?

Francis – We like ‘Listen’ because it’s a friendship song — it describes our friendship!

So when you’re not performing, what sort of music do you like to listen to?

Francis – All kinds of music — R&B, pop, and rap.

Mackie – I always love to hear some R&B.

So when did you guys first realize that singing was something that you really wanted to do? 

Francis – When I was two years, I knew I wanted to be a professional singer.

Mackie – When I was eight years old, I discovered that singing really was my passion.

Keifer – I [knew that I] wanted to be a great singer when I was five years old.

On this show, you’re performing in front of super-famous people like James Corden and Faith Hill. Were you excited about this, or do you get nervous over time?

Keifer – We’re always nervous before we perform!

Francis – We’re getting used to it.

You’re getting to do so many cool things right now, but what’s next? What’s the biggest dream that you have?

Francis – My biggest dream is that I want to be a doctor and a professional singer.

Mackie – My dream is to become a teacher and a singer.

Keifer – I want to be an engineer as well as a superstar.

Those are some big goals! Your lives have likely changed a lot over the past year, so is it fun to have people recognize you and get excited to see you?

Mackie – It’s changed our lives a lot because we can help our families, and we can sing wherever we want.

Francis – And we can inspire a lot of people!

Here in America, we hear about the Philippines, but I know there are a lot of people who may not know that much about it. Are you happy to showcase your country?

All three (more or less, in unison) – Yes!

So what’s something about you three that people who watch you on TV may not know?

Francis – We’re normal kids. We want to play and go outside and play with other friends — and also study.

What was it like meeting Ariana Grande on The Late Late Show this week?

Keifer – I didn’t think it was really her. I just stared at her. She’s so beautiful. And she likes my hair!

Francis – It’s a dream. I think I’m dreaming. But it was true. It’s Ariana Grande!

Before I let you go, what are you enjoying the most about being a part of The World’s Best?

Keifer – We’ve really enjoyed being on The World’s Best.

Mackie – It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

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Before you go, let us know if you are rooting for TNT Boys to win The World’s Best! (Photo: CBS.)

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