Manifest finale: Show boss on callings, expiry dates, season 2

ManifestTonight, the Manifest finale served up a big cliffhanger when it comes to Zeke and Jared … but also some other fantastic stuff.

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Take, for example, the idea that all of these characters have a specific death day in mind. It seems as though all of the survivors of flight 828 have about five and half years to live following their return — the same period of time in which they were gone. Griffin’s time is already up, and it seems as though Zeke still has a little while still to go. This means, in theory, that he should survive the cliffhanger, but our personal feeling is that someone gets shot, but both parties find a way to survive. The story is a little more fascinating when both of these characters end up making it through this particular cliffhanger.

So where could this story go from here for Ben, now that he knows that he’s got a timeline for the rest of his life? Speaking via Entertainment Weekly following the finale, here is some of what executive producer Jeff Rake had to say on the subject of the future:

It seems to Ben that there is this death day associated with his return, that they’ve been gone for five and a half years so they have five and a half years back. That poses a number of questions. Number one: How can that be confirmed? It’s a theory; is there anything they can do in season 2 and beyond to either prove or disprove that this is in fact the case? I’m not going to speak to that right now, but that will be an open question going forward. The second question would be: If this is in fact a real thing, can it be undone? Is there some mechanism that Ben and others can utilize to undo what seems to be a potentially sealed fate? Those questions fall in the bucket of those who will actively try to take a run at defining the terms of this date and try to defy it. There will be proactive people within our ensemble who will stop at nothing to get these answers and find a way to overcome them. That’s one school of response. But if this is true for Ben, Cal [Jack Messina], and Michaela [Melissa Roxburgh], and Saanvi [Parveen Kaur], and everyone else we know from the plane, it’s also presumably true for the other 180-something people on that plane.

Basically, the more people who find out that they are presumably knocking on death’s door, the more we could see them try to either accept or fight back against this idea of their death. We imagine that this is going to be an intense second season because of this, one in which all of these characters are force to face some difficult decisions.

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