Lethal Weapon season 3 episode 14 video: Cole, Murtaugh, and more tests

Are you ready for Lethal Weapon season 3 episode 14 when it airs on Fox Tuesday night? We know that we’re near the end of this season!

If you look below, you can get a small sense of precisely what is coming up on the upcoming episode … and also how we’re going to see Murtaugh and Cole try to navigate some of the latest issues that are coming their way. To be specific, some of the big ones in this episode are going to be coming via a returning Tom Barnes, who may putting a wedge between Cole and Murtaugh in their quest to continue to do good work together. The more that he keeps this up, the harder it may eventually become for Cole and Murtaugh to continue their partnership in the same way that we’ve seen it for much of the season.

With Cole in particular, the thing to remember at this point in the season is that he’s got demons. These are going to come up from time to time with him and it’s something that you have to be prepared for. Murtaugh, meanwhile, is a little more stable when it comes to his career. Of course, there are still some other things to worry about. Take, for example, Trish’s political career — she’s getting set to embark on a major next phase of her career. It’s something that is going to require not only a great deal of commitment from her, but also from her entire family. We just hope that she is ready for the scrutiny and the speculation — these are the things that come with embarking on this sort of campaign.

Meanwhile, we continue to hope that Lethal Weapon itself is ready for some of the latest speculation about its future. The show’s ratings are somewhat of a mixed bag at the moment and there is no indication as to whether or not it will be back for another season. That’s something we’ll hopefully get a little bit more information on come later this spring.

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