Chicago Med season 4 episode 15 video: Is Natalie crossing boundaries?

Chicago MedChicago Med season 4 episode 15 Wednesday night may not be a part of the larger crossover event, but let’s be clear: This is still very much an interesting story in its own right. There is a huge medical crisis going on at the center of the episode, and there are also some personal questions to wonder when it comes to Dr. Natalie Manning.

At the moment, the biggest one to think about seems to be simply this: What’s going on with her and Phillip? Is she crossing a line by giving him her personal phone number? In the sneak peek below for Wednesday’s episode, this is a question that Maggie wonders (while at one of the coldest street fairs imaginable) when she hears about what Natalie’s done.

Do we think that Natalie is intentionally muddying the relationship waters between herself and Phillip? Not really. Instead, we think that she probably views him as just more of a kindred spirit. This is someone who has gone through an enormously difficult time after losing the love of his life, and is also now trying his best to be a single dad to a little girl with some health problems. Natalie knows what it’s like to be a single parent and to experience tremendous personal tragedy; she probably thinks of herself as the right person to help navigate through this particular situation.

Beyond just that, we think that Natalie probably also finds helping Phillip to be a distraction from some of the other difficult stuff that she has been going through as of late, and there absolutely has been a lot of it. Take, for example, the complicated state of things with Will — they love each other, but it’s clear that the entire situation with Ray has produced some rather unfortunate side effects. To go along with that, there are some other issues that just stem from being a doctor, including everything that unfolds at this fair when a truck plows into it. (Terrible things seem to almost constantly happen around these doctors whenever they are outside of the hospital — or at least that’s how it seems sometimes.)

Expect relationships to continue to be at the forefront of Chicago Med for the immediate future, not that we imagine this being a surprise for anyone who’s seen the show for the better part of this season.

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