Shameless season 9 spoilers: Details on Emmy Rossum’s final episodes

Fiona -At this point, there’s a good chance that you know that Shameless season 9 will be the final season for Emmy Rossum. There is still, though, a larger question that remains — how in the world is the series going to write off this character?

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When you think about where Fiona Gallagher is at the moment on the series, it’s clear that there is almost nowhere to go other than up. At the end of this past episode (read our review here), Lip was threatening to kick her out of the family’s home. Why? He blamed her for his foster-parenting plan going up in smoke, and she also ended up drinking in front of Jason, who broke his sobriety as a result of it. Fiona didn’t have all the necessarily information in either situation to say that they are fully her fault, but that doesn’t change just how low she is right now. She could be homeless, and she’s already resorting to stealing drugs for money.

Yet, judging from the information we’ve got about the final two episodes of the season, there is a chance for a little hope on the other side of the horizon. The final two episodes of the season (airing on March 3 and March 10) are entitled “Lost” and then “Found” — a clear sign that they are going to be linked. These episodes were also added to the show’s original twelve-episode order, which makes us think that they were written for the specific purpose of making Emmy’s exit as good as it could possibly be.

Per Showtime, you can see the official details of these episodes below. (Minor spoilers ahead — though they’re clearly spoilers that Showtime’s fine with you knowing in advance.)

“Lost” – “Frank’s injury gets in the way of everyone’s plans; Fiona attempts to get her life back on track; Lip grows frustrated with his relationship with Tami; Carl gets some bad news about his future; Debbie finally makes a move on Kelly.”

“Found” – “As the Gallaghers decide what to do with a bedridden Frank, Fiona has to make a decision about her future; Carl and Debbie share their heartbreak together; Lip has to deal with a distressed Tami.”

Based on those synopses, it does seem like the plan is to potentially give Fiona a happy ending … though there’s no real confirmation of that. She’s at least going to try to get herself in a better spot. Elsewhere, it doesn’t look like things are going to end very well for either Carl or Debbie when it comes to Kelly, but that could turn in the finale.

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