The Bachelorette power rankings: Hannah Brown, Tayshia Adams, & more

The Bachelor
Who are the best candidates to be The Bachelorette? We feel like we’re at the point where we can actually do this! There are a small group of contenders left and if we look at past seasons for evidence, typically ABC and the studio pick someone from the current Bachelor’s season, and someone who makes it fairly far, as the new leading lady.

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So what’s our criteria? we’re thinking more here in terms of the people who ABC and producers would pick and ranking them accordingly — it’s less about who we actually want, though we’ve got a pick for that, as well.

Honorable mention – Demi Burnett. It’ll never happen, but you gotta admit it’d be nuts.

7. Kirpa Sudick – She’s likable, she’s different from the mold, and she’s got a very-memorable chin bandage. Getting her as the lead would be a wonderful breath of fresh air. She just doesn’t have a big story around her.

6. Cassie Randolph – She’s probably going to end up with Colton at the end, and even if she doesn’t, is there really a story here that’s worth following? She’s also got another reality show out there and the Cassie over-saturation could be too much.

5. Elyse Dehlbom – There’s been a campaign for it online already, and we do think that there’s something very appealing about having a Bachelorette who willingly walked about from Colton because she didn’t feel she was getting her worth. Granted, we’re not sure how she’d handle dating multiple men when it really seemed like she just wanted there to be one relationship on this season.

4. Caelynn Miller-Keyes – She’s got a heartbreaking story and we do think that there is a lot that the producers could do with her using her past pageant contestants, but we do wonder if she’s a little too polarizing? Personality-wise, there are a lot of Bachelor viewers who just aren’t fond of her.

3. Hannah Brown – We’ll admit that there’s something spectacular about a Hannah Beast (as she coined herself) season — she’s entertaining, funny, and a little off the beaten bath. She’d also appeal to viewers in the south, one of the show’s favorite demographics. Is she a little too out there? Maybe, but it’s worth thinking about. (This is probably our personal pick, for now.)

2. Tayshia Adams – She’s well-spoken, likable, and it does seem like she and Colton have a great connection. The Bachelor franchise doesn’t have a great history of casting diverse leads, though, and that does give us some pause. She is one of the most natural fits of the group.

1. Hannah Godwin – She’s probably the most conventional pick, provided that she doesn’t end up with Colton. She’s come off reasonably well this season and it seems like she’s going to be around for a while. The only concern we’ve got is that she’s an influencer, and we wonder if producers are going to look to cast someone with a bit more of a “normal” profession.

Who do you think is the best contender for The Bachelorette? Share right now in the comments, and stay tuned for more news. (Photo: ABC.)

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