Call the Midwife season 8 episode 6 review: Is Lucille’s love interest what he seems?

Call the MidwifeTonight, Call the Midwife season 8 episode 6 kicked off with a medical crisis … but far from your ordinary one for this show.

For starters, this episode began with Phyllis in danger — while her life was not necessarily on the line, her condition still made life a little more difficult for everyone else in Poplar. It meant more work for the other midwives, and it came at a rather challenging time given the arrival of Mother Mildred in Poplar. While she wasn’t out to hurt anyone (she was actually there mostly in order to help a family who was close to losing a loved one), she is in a position of some power. That’s enough to cause a little bit of anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety, we saw Lucille, in particular, have a lot of it within this episode. She was forced to consider the idea that Cyril was not what he “claimed” himself to be — a pastor. As it turns out, though, this claim was somewhat misleading. He never purported himself as such per se, but instead, this came about as a result of Sister Monica Joan’s proclamations. He wasn’t a real pastor, but he had some of those qualities. He was seemingly still a good man and as this story moves forward, we hope that these characters are going to try to work through their differences.

Near the end of the episode, we saw Lucille invite Cyril to her church, where he can have a chance to be a part of the larger community.

If you’re looking for an emotional Call the Midwife story, we had that this week courtesy of a teenage mother in Elaine who was desperate to keep her baby at all costs. Lucille and some others in Nonnatus tried their best to help her, as it was clear that she had been through a lot already — including a previous trauma regarding a baby. In the end, Lucile was able to lend her a helping hand, or at least get her started on the road to a happy life. There’s no guarantee that she will make it out of this situation in one piece, but this is a show that does like to at least offer up a small glimmer of hope. It doesn’t want to create undue expectations for anyone’s future.

CarterMatt Verdict

As rough as this Call the Midwife episode felt at times for some of the characters involved, including a young mother and Nurse Crane, the series ended tonight once more with glimmers of hope. We do wish that there were more personal updates for Trixie and Valerie on the season right now, but that does not take away from what the writers do so well — tell emotional, at-times painful stories that make viewers feel something real. It brings you down to your core and helps you to focus on some of the things that really matter.

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