‘Raising Hope’ season 3 premiere review: Jimmy has his moment

When “Raising Hope” is at its best, it is a pretty sweet show that combines the right amount of humor with even more heart, Thankfully, it was firing away on all cylinders during Tuesday night’s season 3 premiere that continually managed to keep us guessing with just about every minute.

Really, the main event of the episode was really one thing: the engagement between Jimmy and Sabrina. This was something that was years in the making, so we really knew that it was going to happen eventually. The good news? It happened here in a way that was still fun, and entertaining. Heck, it happened more than once … with the last proposal coming after Jimmy revealed that he had actually made out with Sabrina’s mom before she had gotten plastic surgery to fix her face.

Really, the truth about “Raising Hope” as a show is that it is the sort of program that generally entertaining, but does not have that much of a lasting impact. This installment was at least a little more impactful than most, and we saw a major step forward by two of the characters. Plus, we also had the opportunity to see Cloris Leachman spy on someone in the shower. Isn’t that always entertaining? This show has always deserved better than the ratings it has, and we have a feeling that probably will not change this season, either; we just hope that enough people watch to keep this wacky family around for a while longer.

What did you think about the episode, and do you think that the episode would have been better suited to end any other way? We don’t think so, but we want to hear some of your thoughts on this very subject below! If you want to check out some more “Raising Hope” news, be sure to visit the story here.

Photo: Fox

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