Madam Secretary season 5 episode 14 video: Crisis in Nicaragua

Madam Secretary season 5 episode 12Are you ready for the arrival of Madam Secretary season 5 episode 14 on CBS? A new episode is coming this weekend! This marks a chance to see Elizabeth McCord and the rest of the State Department team back in action … but there’s also going to be drama. It’s hard to ever imagine this show really existing without that!

So what is one of the main focuses of this particular episode? Think in terms of a new crisis in Nicaragua, one that is leading to a lot of political upheaval in the country and a crumbling sense of diplomacy. It’s already not as though the United States has the best relationship imaginable with the country, and what happens within this episode could only send it spiraling outward. That leaves Elizabeth in a position where she has to think quickly, in order to avoid a crisis that is similar to what she’s dealt with in some other parts of the world.

Apparently, a series protests in Nicaragua kicked off some of the unrest there, and now the head of state is taking an authoritarian approach. He is punishing anyone in his country protesting him, and in turn, it seems like the first thing the US can do to hurt him is restricting travel to the region. That makes it so that the country’s economy is hampered; it’s the best thing that the US can do without getting more boots on the ground, and it may help convince the government to change its ways.

In some ways, can you say that some of the experience Bess has in dealing with these sort of situations helps her long-term. Yet, we’ve come to see time and time again already that just because she’s known how to handle other crises doesn’t necessarily mean that she is going to be able to tackle this one the right way. One of the things that feels abundantly clear at this point is that international relationships are challenging and things almost ever move in a straight line. Just one person with a skewed look at the world can make life harder on almost everyone around them. This is one of many things Elizabeth needs to consider here.

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