Shameless season 9 episode 11: How far will Frank, Mikey go?

Shameless season 8What lies ahead on Shameless season 9 episode 11? Well, Frank and Mikey may push their Hobo Loco competition to new heights … or low lows, depending on how you look at it.

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At this point in the series’ run, you really cannot ignore the fact that Frank Gallagher will do almost anything to find success for himself without having to actually work for it. In this case, that means serving as the best possible brand ambassador possible. The whole competition is ridiculous, and what he and Mikey are willing to do now to advance forward in it is absurd … and also completely ridiculous.

In a new sneak peek (which you can see over on the show’s official YouTube channel), the two characters decide that they are going to pose as gay war veterans, people who were shunned by the system and have almost nothing to show for their lives other than each other. It’s a completely manipulate way to go about doing things, but can you really be surprised about any of this? There are few people in the world more manipulative than Frank and you can more or less consider this further evidence of it. He and Mikey may be able to get some more attention and notoriety for themselves through this stunt … but you gotta think that the odds are high of this blowing up in their face in dramatic fashion.

While Frank is trying to make the most of his latest attempt at scamming ordinary people, be prepared to also see the continuation of the Ingrid storyline this weekend. Is she finally going to realize that having babies with this guy is a terrible idea? He may have this delusion that he’s going to work and care for these six babies, but we certainly know that this is not going to be a thing. They aren’t even his babies, first and foremost, and you know that he would pull that card out if he ever had to. Beyond just that, he’ll come up with some other excuse. This is a time in which Ingrid has to think about her future, even if she’s not altogether stable. Maybe some other characters can help with that — if nothing else, some of the Gallaghers are perfect examples of what happens when you allow Frank Gallagher to raise children.

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