Blue Bloods season 9: Should a new Danny love interest arrive?

Blue Bloods season 9

Throughout the past season and a half since the death of Linda, it feels like the producers have carefully circled the subject. They recognize that it is something that has to be treated with care; after all, Linda was the love of Danny’s life! Anything that happens within his future cannot be done at the expense of that character. There is so much love and history there and that absolutely cannot be ignored in any measure.

Yet, there may also be a sentiment within the writers’ room that the timing is right for Danny to explore this a little bit more. That seemed to be the purpose of the conversation between Danny and Henry last night — in addition to helping get Danny out of a funk, his grandfather subtly tried to nudge him into thinking more about his future. While it doesn’t seem as though Henry hates his own life by any means, he does recognize his situation living with his son for the past decade and a half. Maybe there is an element of regret in his mind about not trying to find a new partner; it’s not ignoring the past, but instead recognizing the present and thinking about the future.

Blue Bloods doesn’t have to rush finding Danny a new romantic partner this season; yet, it’s possible that as the finale nears, maybe you see him having more conversations with his family and thinking more about throwing himself into the dating world. It seems ideal for a story to specifically tell in a season 10, assuming that there is one. That gives the character a little more distance to recognize that he is ready, and it does also allow Blue Bloods to potentially get to the other side of the Jamie – Eddie wedding, provided that happens this season. Given that this is a police procedural rather than a romance, you don’t want to flood the show with too much of a particular subject matter at one time. It’s all about having a balance and making sure that viewers get a little bit of everything they want. You can’t please everyone, but you can set yourself up in the best way possible.

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