NCIS season 16 episode 14 video: Does McGee know the murder victim?

Once Upon a TimNCIS season 16 episode 14, entitled “Once Upon a Tim” and airing on February 19, is going to put McGee in a tight spot. How so? It turns out that an old computer password of his and linked to a new crime, and it’s rather hard for him to understand why.

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The sneak peek below gives you at least a slight sense as to what’s coming. As it turns out, the murder victim at the heart of this episode had some knowledge of Tim’s password. It seems on the surface that the guy knew Sean Murray’s character, but unfortunately for Tim, he doesn’t recognize or remember him at all. We gotta trust McGee’s memory on this, even if he’s the first to admit that he traveled so much as a kid that it’s rather hard for him to remember everything. Apparently, the last phone call the victim made was to an old high school, one that McGee just so happened to attend.

At the crux of “Once Upon a Time” is going to be McGee being forced to revisit this place for clues and hopefully answers; yet, it’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world for him to do. He apparently had a not-so-fantastic experience there and we’re not so sure that anyone at the school will be greeting him with open arms. He’ll likely be spending a good bit of time just trying to find his way to push his own memories of being there out of his head, while simultaneously trying to find a way to work on the case.

If you want a fun episode stuffed full of McGee backstory, this will be it. With that being said, we understand that some may be disappointed by a potential lack of Ziva information. While NCIS re-opened the door for more story there on this past episode, we’ve yet to see any substantial evidence just yet that this upcoming episode is going to actually touch on Ziva in any sort of substantial, meaningful way. The events of “She” are, at least in our mind, a launching pad to some story that the writers could explore more a little bit later. It all comes down to timing and finding the right story to make it happen. There’s also a question of getting Cote de Pablo back, but that’s something to approach and discuss down the line.

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