Chicago PD season 6 spoilers: Meet Ray Price’s daughter!

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserJudging from what we’ve seen recently on Chicago PD season 6, it should be a shock that we’re going to learn more about Ray Price. The alderman and outspoken political figure (played on the series by the super-busy Wendell Pierce) is currently a part of the Mayoral campaign, and as you would imagine, in these situations you’re primed to learn some more about such a person’s background.

Today, here’s what we are learning. According to a report from Deadline, Alexis Louder (The Originals) is going to be recurring as Jasmine Price, the “composed, bright, hopeful, impressive daughter of Ray Price (Wendell Pierce). A rising political star on the wings of her successful father.” Basically, we’re going to get a chance to see someone else inhabit his world and generate a lot of interesting conversation. The more opportunities that we get in order to flesh out this character before the election, the more complicated things are going to be.

What’s also so fascinating about the state of the election right now is that we’ve got two different candidates in Price and Kelton who each have a very specific viewpoint on the Police Department. Given Kelton’s status as the leader, you would think that he would be the ideal person to lead the city; yet, we’ve already seen courtesy of Brennan some of the problems that are coming via police and politics mixing. Kelton just wants arrests and stories that put him in a favorable light more so than anything else. Meanwhile, Price wants to challenge police, and we know that he already wants to ensure that Atwater is on his side. If he succeeds in recruiting some officers to his side, this could lead to some rather interesting conflict as we move forward into whatever the next era of this particular series is going to be.

Ultimately, the casting of Jasmine is yet another reminder that Chicago PD is playing the long game, and we imagine that we’ll be getting a chance to see a whole lot more of his mayoral race over the weeks ahead … at least on the other side of the big Chicago Fire crossover that is coming up next. More than likely, that’s going to be the priority for the immediate future more so than anything else.

In addition to seeing Wendell Pierce on Chicago PD this season, you can also see him on Jack Ryan and also Suits.

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