Blue Bloods season 9 episode 15 review: Danny faces his future; Eddie, Anthony team up

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 15 brought some fun stories to the table … and then also a few things that were pretty dark and dramatic.

Let’s start with the toughest, most emotional story of the night — Danny Reagan wrestling with having to shoot a young man while off-duty. It was not a particularly easy thing for him to do, but his life was threatened and he felt like there was no other choice. Erin and others tried to get through to him but really, we think that it was Henry who really got through to him more than anyone else. He was able to make it clear that previously, it was Linda who got him through things like this and he should find someone else. Henry’s conversation about Frank and himself not moving on romantically was all sorts of emotional (and powerful); it was a great reminder that sometimes, the best thing this show can do is just give actors great material and let them run with it.

Meanwhile, there was some emotional stuff tonight with Frank as we saw him deal with a difficult situation at work — he learned that a prominent cop on the force had a dark past and a major criminal offense when he was a teenager. He lied in order to get the job, but proved over his 20 years at the force that he was more than qualified for the gig. This is why Frank, when the dust settled, determined that keeping him around was infinitely more important than anything else he could’ve done.

Now, for some of the lighter stuff. We really enjoyed getting to dive into something a little bit different tonight with Eddie and Anthony, as they worked together on a case that started with Eddie catching someone trying to jump a turn-style. There was actually a pretty simple message at the end of it, as well: Eddie and Anthony have very different sort of ways in which they handle being out in the field and that’s fine. What matters more than anything else is that they ultimately figure out ways in which to bring people to justice. Time and time again, they’ve proven themselves to be good at that in their own way. We just liked all of the funny moments in here, including the debate over pizza toppings.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a little bit of a strange episode in that Erin and Jamie didn’t really have big stories; yet, there were some really good individual plots, some humor, and opportunities to see people outside of their element. Finding new ways to emotionally impact your audience is something that this show should always prioritize.

Also, it was probably good to see Danny consider finding another partner after Linda’s death; we’ll just have to see if it happens.

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