MacGyver season 3 episode 15 review: Who is Desi Nguyen?

Levy Tran

Tonight, MacGyver season 3 episode 15 brought you some stunt-work, fighting scenes, humor, and a valuable gun-sniffing dog. It also brought you the debut of Levy Tran as Desi Nguyen, who could very well star in her own action-movie franchise after this.

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Based on what we saw tonight, it’s easy to like Desi — she’s intense, has a pretty dark sense of humor, and she cares about her job. Her introduction to the rest of the team was incredible fun, as she basically tracked all of them down in order to show them how awful their security systems are. Apparently, Matty Webber is the only person who follows proper security protocol off the job.

As for the main mission at the heart of this story, that revolved around trying to track down and protect Cody, an ATF gun-sniffing dog who was a target for some pretty ruthless smugglers and traders. At first, it looked like the bad guys were desperate to kill him; as it turned out, though, the four-legged friend was just targeted so that the gun makers could come up with a way to make their product untraceable. If they could pull this off, then they could ensure that all sorts of terrible stuff was brought into the country.

What made this mission exciting was two-fold. For starters, you had a good opportunity to see how Desi works in the field — she can hold her own against anyone. She dislikes guns, and that alone means that we’re going to be seeing something a little bit different from her than you tend to get from other action-TV characters. She is also fiercely loyal — she gave the Phoenix Team almost their entire file right away; the only part she supposedly omitted was found by Riley, and the reason she had that was because she went against the government to protect people she deemed worthy.

This episode culminated in a fiery showdown with the Phoenix team rescuing a captured Cody, who more than held his own against some of the bad guys. (Suffice it to say, we’re game for a future canine crossover of Cody from MacGyver, Eddie from Hawaii Five-0, and then also Higgins’ dogs from Magnum PI.)

CarterMatt Verdict

While we don’t know all that much about Desi at the moment, we definitely think she’s an intriguing enough character to keep on the show for a while. We like that she has a history with Jack (at least in that she apparently “owed” him, which is why she took this job in the first place). Yet, we also like that the series didn’t just make her into Jack 2.0. She’s her own person and Levy Tran brings a lot of passion to the part. There is also a sense of sadness with Desi’s past, given that she’s apparently buried many a co-worker in the past.

While this new version of the show is still new, it’s clear we are moving in the right direction.

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