The Orville season 2 episode 7 review: The Talla – Locar mystery

TallaTonight, The Orville season 2 episode 7 delivered yet another reminder that this is one of the best network TV shows on the air. Also, it remains very clear that this is a show not getting anywhere near the publicity that it deserves.

The main focus on the episode tonight with Talla, a character we are in some ways still getting to know. She’s been trying to find her way on the ship and tonight, she made a surprising connection to a newcomer on the show in Locar. He was an ex of Bortus’ who, soon after his arrival, discovered he had a physical attraction towards the ship’s new head of security. Such a romance was forbidden among Moclans, but they found a way to kickstart something in the simulator — basically where many romantic things with the show seem to happen these days. She showed him New York City, and they had some time to get together.

Unfortunately, after Talla temporarily left the simulator in order to assist Kelly (who was dealing with the fallout from her breakup with Cassius); in the process of that, someone came on board the simulator and seemingly vaporized Locar for violating his people’s way. With the help of the team, one eventually suspect arose: Klyden. He was an easy suspect for most of the ship, largely because a) he has a history of violence aboard the ship and b) he may be outraged by Talla’s relationship with Locar.

Yet, was there something more here underneath the surface? It seemed that way, as it felt a little bit too easy that Klyden was set up by someone. Then, Talla came up with another theory: What if Locar wasn’t dead at all? He may have staged his death in order for no one to look for him; beyond that, he knew that staging a suicide would shame his family. This led to a frantic search in order to find him.

In the end, Locar knew that Klyden would eventually expose him for what happened and because of that, he had to get away in any way that he knew how. When Talla found him, she had to find a way to balance out this  complication situation. She didn’t want Klyden to be locked up for a crime he did not commit, but she also did not want him to suffer. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to declare asylum on board The Orville and have that be his life. Instead, he opted that the best thing that he could do was to board his own ship and face future consequences, whatever that may be.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Orville remains a wonderful show. There were some funny moments in here, but we still think that this was an emotional episode. It was sad in many ways. Locar did have feelings for Talla, but he recognized that he would always be targeted for the way in which he lived his life. All Locar wanted in this world was to find true love, and Klyden’s prejudice ended up destroying it. It’s Valentine’s Day, but our heart truly hurts for her at this given moment.

It’s also worth noting that in the end tonight, Cassius decided to leave rather than staying on board with Kelly. He determined, in the end, that this would be too painful.

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