‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Exec talks new character Milton

There are a number of things to appreciate about “The Walking Dead” as  show, especially when it comes to the show’s own courage to take liberties from the Robert Kirkman source material. Granted, it helps when Kirkman is actually involved in the show, but it is still a bold move when you have so many loyal fans that you run the risk of angering.

However, executive producer Glen Mazzara is taking that gamble more than ever by introducing a new character this upcoming season in Milton, a master of strategy who could not be any more different from most of the other survivors than he tried. He is not someone who can survive by traditional means, and he brings something new to the show in a man who has found a different way to not fall victim to the zombie horde.

So what does the show’s executive producer have to say about what we can expect from Milton in terms of story? Speaking in a new interview to The Hollywood Reporter, here is what executive producer Glen Mazzara had to say about the character’s interactions with The Governor in particular:

“He could be [key to the Governor’s arena battles]. Milton is a benevolent character; he’s in the Governor’s circle, but he’s a person who’s looking to contribute and who has a lot of value for the Governor. As he learns the Governor’s true side, that puts him in an interesting position.”

So is Milton really going to stay with The Governor for the whole season? Considering that a man like this can only hide who he really is for so long, we have a feeling that this will be a question we are asking by the time season 3 comes to an end.

Are you excited to see this new character in action during the season? If you want to check out the official description for the series premiere, all you have to do is head over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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