Santa Clarita Diet season 3 premiere date confirmed at Netflix

Santa Clarita DietPrepare yourself for laughter, cannibalism, and potentially so much more: The Santa Clarita Diet season 3 premiere date is official!

Today, Netflix announced that the Drew Barrymore series (in our opinion, one of the funniest shows on TV) is going to be coming back to the air on Friday, March 29. The premiere-date announcement video below gives you a fun way to look at the show’s return — basically through an edited-together version of wedding vows. Joel and Sheila have shown an incredible commitment to each other, which is certainly something that Sheila needs given everything that she’s been going through. Over the past two seasons, the two have found a way to keep her cannabalistic ways going, while at the same time also doing what they can in order to avoid suspicion.

The unfortunate thing for them was that at the end of season 2, they were found out for what they were doing by their cop neighbor Ann. On paper, this posed a big problem; yet, they were able to miraculously spin this as some sort of calling from God. That puts them in a very interesting spot moving forward, given that Ann may view her participation in their plot now as some sort of religious experience. Could they end up forming some sort of cult, or will Ann just serve as the powerful liaison who bails them out of problems whenever they arise? Will she even stick around? There are a lot of different questions to wonder.

What makes Santa Clarita Diet so fun is simply watching Joel and Sheila try to put on a pretense of being normal when they’re anything but. Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant’s chemistry is a big reason for the show’s success, as is the writers’ insistency in getting as absurd as humanly possible. We saw that with an expansion of the show’s mythology in season 2, plus the introduction of new characters, both good and bad.

On paper, we’d say that Santa Clarita Diet has the potential to last forever, but we’ve already come to learn with Netflix shows that most of them have a fairly short shelf life. So really, this feels like one of those programs we should really enjoy while we have it. After all, there is no real confirmation that we’re going to have it around forever. We actually wouldn’t count on that at all. Just enjoy the ride while it is here.

What do you want to see on Santa Clarita Diet season 3, and are you happy that you’re going to be seeing the series on the air fairly soon? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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