The World’s Best review: Vonnie Lopez, Shaolin Yanze, and more!

The World's Best
Tonight, The World’s Best is airing its final round 1 show of the season, where we’re getting a chance to meet some acts for the first time. We’ll see a handful of acts from this world make it past the judges and the Wall of the World — but they need to be unique, and they have to deliver from start to finish.

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Shaolin Yanze – Let’s start off with what has to be one of the more unique acrobatic martial-arts groups that we’ve seen. There are some key differences between them and Kukkiwon — they do more in the way of flips and leaps, and we also saw James Corden run all over them. Advanced.

Daneliya Tuleshova – This was a fantastic vocal from someone who is just 12 years old — yet, there’s a good chance that she could be the winner! This was a great performance of “Rise Up” that was head and shoulders above many singers that are out there. Advanced.

Nina Conti – This was a fun ventriloquist act featuring a variety of different masks that she put on people in the audience plus James. What we like about is that her jokes felt like they were in the moment and felt like it wasn’t too planned. What we don’t like are the masks — a little too creepy. Advanced.

Duo Nigretai – They are an acrobat duo who excels at doing tricks … and also their teeth. This was freaky, but it was also incredibly intense and athletic. We do think there’s a place for an act like this, as long as they continue to find a way to do something different. Advanced.

William Close – The Earth Harp specialist is someone we’ve had a chance to see before on America’s Got Talent and we gotta say that it’s all sorts of fantastic. We loved it then, and we certainly love it now. Advanced.

Vonnie Lopez – Vonnie closed off the show this week with an epic performance that was soulful, powerful, and got just about everyone in the room on their feet. This is a woman who could prove to be a big-time gospel singer following this — how in the world couldn’t she be? Advanced.

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