Saturday Night Live video: Don Cheadle, Alex Moffat play buddy cops

Saturday Night Live reviewToday, NBC revealed their first preview for the upcoming Saturday Night Live featuring Don Cheadle as host — and it’s ridiculous. Luckily, it’s also all sorts of funny.

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In the video below, you can see Cheadle alongside Alex Moffat running around studio 8H as buddy cops. This entire premise is a throwback to some of the old shows in this vein during the seventies and eighties, and it features some various shenanigans, donuts, and also Moffat at one point firing what actually seems to be a loaded weapon.

So why is all of this even happening? The joke at the end of the promo is that Cheadle was apparently promised by Moffat that he’d get to be security at 30 Rock to go along with hosting the show … even if that’s not entirely true. This is mostly just an excuse to see the two of them wander around the studio and engage in some antics, which is as a whole pretty satisfying. We knew already that Cheadle was funny — he was great for several seasons on House of Lies — so there was no real shock that he would deliver in this gig.

As for a random side question, we do wonder whether or not Don will keep the beard for the actual episode, given that a lot of times bearded actors do end up shaving leading up to the gig over the weekend. That gives them a chance to play a wider array of characters … mostly because not every person you would likely need to play is someone with some facial scruff. (We’re actually far more used to seeing Cheadle sans beard than we are this version of him.)

This episode of SNL is also going to feature performances from Gary Clark Jr., who is not actually featured in this particular promo — rest assured, though, that this is commonplace. More than likely, NBC will highlight him in the next promo for the show that is coming later this week.

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What do you want to see when it comes to Saturday Night Live with Don Cheadle this weekend, and would you actually watch a full sketch featuring him and Moffat as cops? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject below, and check back soon for more news. (Photo: NBC.)

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