Gotham season 5 episode 6 video: The birth of Bane

GothamJust in case you were not excited before about Gotham season 5 episode 6, here’s a good reason to be: The birth of Bane is right around the corner.

On this past episode of the Fox series, we had a chance to bear witness to the origin story of one Eduardo Dorrance, someone who came into the city with a very specific guise and some orders that were, at least to Jim Gordon, somewhat unexpected. Dorrance is ultimately following the direction of one Theresa Walker (Jaime Murray), who seems to be also a central component in his eventual transformation into the famed comic-book villain. That’s the implication suggested from the promo below.

In this upcoming episode, we are going to have an opportunity to see an understand better how this character comes about within the world of Gotham and the almost-immediate danger he presents. We know from the comics that Bane is a powerful, intelligent villain, someone who understands tactics and also someone who is able to incite fear. He’s a powerhouse in a way that some other characters are not, and he has less of a fear of coming right at you. It’s a different sort of situation than we have with Riddler or the Penguin, who prefer to use other strategies to destroy some of our heroes.

We are considering this episode to be a worthy introduction to this character, but we hardly think that this will be the only chance that we get to see Bane over the course of season 5. It makes a certain degree of sense that we will be able to check out Bane more as we get closer to the series finale, even if we don’t think that this is the sort of character we are going to see in every episode. There are just so many villains that need to be addressed here — we’ve got the two already mentioned beyond Bane in this piece, but then there are others still out there including Ivy, Catwoman, Mad Hatter, Zsasz, Mr. Freeze, and many others. There’s also Magpie still, who is a character we are really only going to start getting to know now. Jeremiah is more or less the Big Bad, given that he is the one responsible for the city being in its present state. He’s just not the only character worth watching out for.

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