Lucifer ‘shipper showdown: Are Lucifer & Chloe really the top ‘ship?

Shipper ShowdownMrs. Carter: What ‘ship from Lucifer stands out the most? This is going to be the focus of this particular ‘Shipper Showdown feature.

Even though this may be a show about a crime-solving devil and a wide array of cases he encounters, there is still something deeper underneath the surface — an emotional heartbeat, and relationships that at times turn romantic. Even for those that don’t onscreen, there may still be a legion of loyal supporters rooting for them! ‘Shipping inspires creativity, passion, and so much more out of fans and it’s one of the many reasons that I love writing about it in my column; if you have a lot of ‘ships attached to your show, it’s almost always a good thing. Such is the case with Lucifer, and the focus of my article is spotlighting some of the best as round one of the ‘Shipper Showdown comes to a close.

At the bottom of this post, there’s a poll for you to share your favorite! Vote however often you like until February 13 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. The winning ‘ship will face off against many others from separate shows in the ‘Shipper Showdown finale on February 14.

Lucifer & Chloe – They are the central ‘ship of the show and with that in mind, they are of course extremely popular. There is a undeniable chemistry between them and they are just so much fun to watch together. Will season 4 be the one that actually brings the two of them together — finally? You have to hope so, just as you also have to hope it sticks.

Linda & Amenadiel – The relationship that the two had through much of last season was certainly entertaining, mostly because you are dealing with two people from very different walks of life, trying to find some element of common ground. I love ships that have a little opposites attract feel to them.

Maze & Amendaliel – There is a lot of history here, and there’s also a lot of drama and a little bit of fun. They are so different, but they’re also similar in that the two of them have shared experiences few other people would ever understand.

Maze & Linda – The #Laze ‘ship has a strong following for a good reason, and some of that may just be due to the way in which they understand and help each other. They’re really not altogether similar, but they serve as a perfect emotional counterpoint to one another.

Dan & Lucifer – Really, there’s just something fun about watching the two of them spending substantial time together. There’s a bit of a love-hate relationship there at times, but that makes them more exciting to watch! There’s a sense of unpredictability and that brings passion.

Dan & Charlotte – This is easily the most-tragic ‘ship on the list given the way in which things ended at the end of season 3. Right when it started to seem as though things were finally worked out for Dan, things ended up falling apart. Still, they deserve a spot on my list.

Dan & Chloe – Finally, it’s hard to not include these two given the history that they have — even if it seems as though they’ve moved on from the past, it’s a part of their lives that is pretty darn unmistakable at this point.

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