Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feed spoilers: Final five Veto winner!

Celebrity Big Brother season 2
Who won the final five Veto in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house today? We’ve got that info within this piece!

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We’ve noted already that the final five Veto this season is particularly fascinating just because this is a fairly unpredictable group. There are a lot of different endgame configurations. While Kandi Burruss is the likely pick to go out next, if she survives there are a lot of decisions that she could make. There’s so much double-dealing going on and there aren’t too many alliances that feel 100% locked in. It’s messy, but also not as fun as we’d like. Going into the Veto, we had two of the worst days we’ve had in the feeds in some time.

In the end, the winner of the final five Veto was … Lolo! She wasn’t nominated (Kandi and Dina Lohan are), so she has the power to decide what’s next. At the moment, we think that Kandi probably will be the one evicted — even if Tamar wanted to keep her, there’s only so much that she can do given that Ricky Williams has the tiebreaker and Lolo and him have worked together for the better part of the game. (It seems like this was a pretty physical Veto Competition and Lolo was noticeably having a hard time breathing afterwards.)

There is still a case to get rid of Dina, mostly in that she’s got a lot of friends on the jury in Jonathan Bennett, Tom Green, and Kato Kaelin who would likely vote for her. She also has been subtly campaigning via the live feeds to some of the people who are out there. It’s just an interesting thing to think about given that she hasn’t really made anyone mad and we actually think that there are a lot of people who have sympathy for her. It seems like in some ways, she’s had a tough go of things.

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