‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 trailer: The plane crash is only the beginning

Do you want to take a look beyond just this coming episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Let’s hope so, since ABC has just released a rather exciting full-length trailer for at least the fall portion of the season.

In watching this video below, there is of course one overwhelming feeling that we tend to get with this show from time to time: that despite having success in their careers, none of these people are really that happy and can keep the rest of their lives again. They also tend to be more prone to accidents than the average human beings. The aftermath to the famous plane crash from the finale is going to play out for several more weeks still, as we will see how Cristina’s decision to leave Seattle Grace was in many ways inspired by her own desire to run away from some of the problems that were created by herself there. Meanwhile, we are also going to find out how Callie promising Arizona that she would not lose her leg is really one of the major reasons for there being so much discord at this point in time. Arizona went into her recovery thinking one thing, only later to learn that this would not be the case.

Out of darkness comes great light, so we do have to believe that eventually, many of these characters are going to find what they are looking for. There is a nice moment in here for April and Jackson, and even Meredith and Derek find an oasis within each other despite some of his concerns that he is never going to be able to operate again following the hand injury that he sustained in the crash. Hopefully by the end of this season, this light will become a little more apparent for some of the show’s other characters.

What do you think about this trailer? If you want to hear some more on Arizona’s future, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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