Manifest episode 15 video: What could we be building towards?

ManifestWhat are the callings really capable of? That’s one of the questions at the heart of Manifest episode 15, which is coming onto NBC on Monday night.

There are a few things that we’ve learned over the past few weeks, but what’s so interesting about where we are at this point is that you could throw many of these things into a blender. How much of what we’ve learned about flight 828 really matters? Through Zeke, and now the latest newcomer in the mix, it feels like there are so many bizarre happenings now and all of them may have a larger purpose than anyone realizes. The end of the preview seems to suggest that we’re gearing up for something in what seems to be Times Square — what could be happening there? It’s certainly an interesting question to think about, and this could potentially make Manifest the first NBC show since Blindspot to do something crazy in Times Square. We’re gearing up for that … or really whatever the show brings to the table.

One thing that does feel relatively clear at this point is that the upcoming February 18 finale is not going to answer every question under the sun. For a little bit more on this particular subject, here is some of what Matt Long (who plays Zeke) had to say via TVLine:

There are some big answers that come, but with those answers come some really big questions — as well as some big problems for us to deal with.

Like many high-concept shows like this, Blindspot is being planned out in a way to last so much longer than a single season. Whatever happens in the finale was probably set up long ago; this is just the first chapter of a larger story, and the writers just have to find a way to balance out giving you bits and pieces of information with also trying to keep enough of a mystery so that you’re excited about some stuff still down the road. They don’t want you to just watch for a season and move on, after all! They want to keep as many viewers around for as long as they possibly can, since that does of course help to keep them around.

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